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1964 Hall of Honor

Eddie May
Of the class of 1942

Eddie May, of the Class of 1942, was one of Beloit College’s finest athletes in the era of World War II.  A Mississippian by birth, Eddie May was a Beloiter in rearing and education.  Skilled in sports, Eddie’s successes at Beloit High School, where he won membership on the all-star Big Eight basketball and football teams and played as all-state guard on the championship team in 1937, were continued at Beloit College.  He was awarded three sets of numerals at the end of his first collegiate year of competition – in basketball, football and track.  In succeeding years Eddie May received letters annually in the aforementioned sports.  In 1939, Beloit College defeated the University of Chicago in football, and it was the single touchdown by May the brought Beloit the victory.  Co-captain of the basketball team in 1941-1942, Eddie May was both and inspiration to his teammates, and an idol of Beloit school children and athletes.  He had joined the ranks of Beloit’s immortal athletes before his death in France on May 26, 1945 in service as Second Lieutenant with the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Nathaniel Miles
Of the class of 1911

Nathaniel Miles, of the class of 1911, descendant and progenitor of Beloiters, and uncle to many more, bore his heritage easily.  Particularly in the field of college athletics did he make his own enduring mark upon college life in the first decade of this century.  He excelled in three major sports in his collegiate years: basketball, football and track, and in his Junior and Senior years captained each of the three teams – track in 1909-1910, and both basketball and football in 1910-1911.  In the 1913 Codex (Issued in December, 1911) there is a full page photographic spread titled: A Page of Captains – Nat Miles is thrice portrayed in the uniforms of his respective skills.  He captained the 1910 football season, and Beloit suffered only one loss.  As left-guard Nat helped bring the state championship in basketball to the College in 1910, and in the following year he captained the winning team.  In track Nat Miles was particularly outstanding in the sprints and hurdles winning these events regularly against the opposition.  During his Senior year he set an Indoor College Record of :04 in the 30 yard high hurdles.  Few Beloiters both as undergraduate and graduate have so well exemplified the well-rounded manhood of Nat Miles.