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Athletic Training Documents and Forms

All Beloit College student athletes are required to maintain accurate and updated documents with the staff at Beloit College. All required paperwork is completed through an online database called SportsWare Online. There are no paper copies to print, mail, or fax.

This website is an access point to the Beloit College Athletic Training athlete database.  Completion is required as part of your medical eligibility.  Failure to submit all the appropriate information will delay your medical clearance for participation.

Using SportsWare

Instructions for registration and first time use of SportsWare Online as well as a checklist of the required information is available for new student athletes.

Returning users should login at to update and verify information.

Additional Documentation

There are three instances where an athlete may be required to download a form and have their physician complete or provide supporting documentation.

  1. The Beloit College Health Center will no longer be collecting/holding Pre-Participation Examination forms for Beloit College. Students must download the Athletics forms from their SportsWare Online account.
  2. The NCAA is asking all Division I, II, & III athletes to provide proof of their sickle cell trait status. Students must either provide a documented blood test OR begin the waiver process. Students should refer to their SportsWare page to find the Sickle Cell Trait Policy and Info document to proceed. Your form needs to be provided to our office prior to arrival on campus. A positive test IS NOT grounds for exclusion from sport.
  3. If a student athlete is under a physician’s care for ADD or ADHD and prescribed medication for treatment, there is a separate ADD/ADHD Documentation form, required by the NCAA that needs to be printed and completed by the overseeing physician. This form only needs to be provided once during their athletic career (unless changes are made to medications). Please have this completed and either mailed or faxed to our office prior to arrival on campus.