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Mailing Address:  700 College Street, Beloit, Wisconsin, 53511
Athletic Department Fax:  (608) 363-2044

Nancy Krusko

, Faculty Athletics Representative

Phone: 608-363-2368

Professor of Anthropology

Department Chair: 2004-14

Professor at Beloit College since 1989 

Ph.D., Anthropology. 1990. University of California, Berkeley. 
B.A., Anthropology. 1978. University of California, Berkeley. 

While her Ph.D. research focused on reproductive and social interaction patterns of captive female langur monkeys, her study in biological anthropology is not limited to primatology. She has studied local public health issues, including the cultural factors associated with the over-prescription of antibiotics, Beloit residents' perceptions of bioterrorism as a public health threat, and the association of neighborhood quality to low birth weight. Nancy teaches courses in introduction to biological anthropology, primate behavior and ecology, lab methods in behavioral observation, human osteology, and medical anthropology. She occasionally teaches courses on women's health for the Critical Identity Studies program and an interdisciplinary studies course on health and microcredit in Nicaragua where the class travels to Nicaragua during spring break to study the intersection of microcredit and health first-hand.

She is currently working on the “hygiene hypothesis," a theory that we are too clean. In particular she is interested in asthma, allergy, and autoimmune diseases and how the lack of parasitic worm infections may play a role in the current increase of these conditions in the industrialized world. She is also working with the city of Beloit on a commission to research African American infant mortality. Additionally, Nancy likes to involve students in her research projects and mentor them on their own projects. Nancy loves to walk her dogs, bike, kayak, hike, and spend time with her friends during monthly game nights. She is an avid traveler and has spent time in China, Russia, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, Fiji, and various locations around the United States. She taught at the University of Auckland in New Zealand for a summer.