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Staff Directory

Mailing Address:  700 College Street, Beloit, Wisconsin, 53511
Athletic Department Fax:  (608) 363-2044

Ken Yasukawa

, Assistant Coach

Office: Sports Center
Phone: 608-363-2314

Ken Yasukawa joined the Buccaneer Volleyball coaching staff in 1980.  During his time on the staff, he has served as both a head and assistant coach.

He has been a part of the staff that have brought the Buccaneers their only two Midwest Conference Championships - in 1995 and 2006.  For three years after his first run with the Buccaneers (1980-90) he was the head volleyball coach at Beloit Memorial High School, then served as an assistant at Beloit Memorial. He also has coached a Junior Olympics team.

Yasukawa is a Behavioral Ecologist, meaning that he studies the way that an animal's behavior affects its interactions with the environment, in the Biology Department at Beloit, having served on the faculty since 1980.  His research focuses on the reproductive behavior and ecology of birds, especially the Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus). He is also a field biologist because he studies birds in the wild, primarily at the Newark Road Prairie, which is about 8 miles from the Beloit College campus.

Many of his research projects have been conducted with students and presented at national professional meetings or published in primary biological journals. He is also interested in improving science education, from elementary school through college. He teaches Zoology, Biometrics, Population Biology, and Animal Behavior, and topics courses in animal cognition and game theory.