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Bucs Show Depth At Early Bird Meet

September 2, 2017
By Noah Micah Sisson

Beloit, WI -- The Beloit Bucs started out the year strong with the Early Bird Cross Country meet
on Sep. 1 st at Kieselburg Forest Preserve in Roscoe Ill.

Daniel Arkes of Beloit College left nothing but dust in his footsteps. The 3 rd year and co-captain clenched first place and finished almost 50 seconds ahead of the next competitor with a very respectable 20:17.7. Daniel has always been a strong runner for Beloit whose work ethic and dedication make him a strong bulwark for the team to rally around. He has shown himself to be a very competent mid and long distance runner having good times in the 1500, 3K, 5K, 8K, and 20K.

Charles Sandberg (2 nd year) secured third for the Bucs with a 21:09.1. Being the top 1 st year finisher for Beloit last year he exemplifies the youthful potential the Cross-Country team has to offer. Finishing seventh with a 21:43.7 was Beloit’s very own Jack Klobucar (3rd year, co-captain).

Final Team Scores Men:
1. Beloit: 35
2. Edgewood: 41
3. Knox: 44

The women's team also had a good day at Kieselburg starting off the season strongly. Miranda Simes (honors-term senior, co-captain) led the charge coming in third with a 21.44.4. Finishing seventh in her first college appearance was Fiona Cismedia (1st year) with a 23:24.1.

Tenth to fifteenth place were all taken by Beloit runners starting with Sophia Miliotis (3rd year) with a 23:55, Britta Johnson (3rd year) with a 24:02.5, Amelia Nuzzo (2nd year) with a 24:17.6, Caroline Murton (4th year, co-captain) with a 24:20.7, Mingyi Zhang (4th year) with a 24:25.8, and finally Frances Knaggs (2nd year) with a 24:37.6.

Final Team Scores Women:
1. Edgewood: 35
2. Beloit: 43
3. Knox: 50

Beloit Cross Country will be idle, taking the time to train and improve times, until the 16th when they take the short trip to UW-Whitewater to compete.