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1889 Council Projects

The 1889 Council offers a broad range of support for Beloit College, Buccaneer Athletics, and the college’s student-athletes. In addition to their time and other leadership, the Council has annually selected one project through which they have helped amplify the athletic program’s facilities and standing in ways consistent with Beloit’s history, quality, and reputation.


Recognizing that Beloit College has one of the most distinctive and history-rich outdoor athletic complexes in the Midwest (not to mention the Midwest Conference), the Council is taking steps this academic year to give Strong Stadium an entry befitting its importance.


As depicted above, the Council will be providing $25,000 in support of a new gate and entry to the complex. The renovations will include, in full: 

  • New, 8-foot-high aluminum gate
  • Brick pillars and side entry
  • Stadium/complex signage
  • Widening of entry way and road into the stadium complex 

Additionally, the Council’s support, coupled with operating dollars, are expected to be added to efforts to enhance lighting at the entry and add additional spirit signage to the tennis, baseball and softball, soccer, track and lacrosse and football fields.


In 2014-15, the 1889 Council worked with the Athletics Office to identify a project of impact that would further enhance the college’s athletic facilities. Following a short round of deliberations, the office identified a number of projects related to its soccer fields that the Council enthusiastically endorsed.


Utilizing a $12,500 gift from the Council, in Spring 2014 the college dedicated a new soccer field configuration that included the following amenities: 

  • New bleachers
  • Landscaping marking the home field for both women’s and men’s soccer teams
  • Olympic style goals