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Molly Steigerwald'11

I graduated from Beloit and moved to Asheville, NC, started working in doctor's offices, bought a motorcycle, got my EMT certification, started working in restaurants, rode the motorcycle across the country, went to Guatemala, Mexico, and Cuba, learned Spanish, bought another motorcycle, started working in coffee shops, became really good at karaoke, decided to become a nurse, and started doing pre-requisites for an ABSN. 

My Studio Art major has helped me to critique and analyze art, politics, and more since graduating. I would tell my college self to slow down, take more time off to get to know herself a little better so she could have gotten even more out of the art program. Choreographing a dance in my senior year (but treating the process like a moving sculpture) was particularly valuable to me because it allowed me to understand what it meant to tell a tiny part of my story.

Profile for Molly Steigerwald'11 was last updated on Jun 7, 2016.