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Erin M. Wheeler'01


I am currently the Interim Director for Career Development at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. I have developed curriculum, events, programs and curated lecture series for museums and arts organizations on both coasts and am known for my ability to build strong teams, develop new audiences, utilize institutional resources, and create opportunities to work more efficiently and collaboratively. I am a painter and surface designer and you can find my work at and my professional life on LinkedIn.

I think about my senior studio in the art building all the time. I think about the emptiness of that building at night and the hours I spent sitting at my table gluing beads or sewing lines into paper. I'm also so glad I created and took so many opportunities to show, exhibit and perform work. I had an amazing community of art makers at Beloit (and not all of them art majors) and we made some awesome work! I performed or had an exhibit 2 or 3 time every semester and it was wonderful to have the feedback and audience.

Profile for Erin M. Wheeler'01 was last updated on Jun 7, 2016.