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Alumni Profiles

David Malek'00

After graduation in 2000, I was a bit lost for a few years before deciding to "go for it" as an artist.  In 2003 I enrolled at Hunter College in NYC and graduated with my MFA in 2006. To make ends meet I worked as an art mover and installer in NY's galleries and museums. I saw everything "hands on." I began showing my work in 2009 and have been doing so ever since. In 2012 I decided I had had enough of Brooklyn and NY and I moved to Paris, where my double-major in French with Jack Street comes in handy. I continue to work as an artist and participate in many interesting projects and exhibitions. I will do an exhibition at Martos Gallery in NYC 2017.  

For me, it was not only my Art major, but also my double major in French, and especially my study-abroad experience in 1998 that most influenced me. Seeing "European art" up close at that age had a profound effect on me and my studies at Beloit forged exactly who I am today -- an American artist living in France. It has been much more difficult than I imagined at the outset, and I think if I could give advice to my young self it would be to seek greater resilience in preparation for the challenges ahead. But nothing worthwhile was ever easy!   

Profile for David Malek'00 was last updated on Jan 18, 2018.