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Alexis Cohen-Pena'09

I am an artist and a performer, based in Chicago, Illinois.  I work as a character actor at multiple Renaissance Faires and Conventions across the country, doing street performances and stage shows.  Additionally I have semi-regular gigs as a festival vendor, tarot reader, seamstress and freelance writer.  I am also a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Illinois, and currently employed at the FFC Spa in Lincoln Park.  

Thinking back, I feel my Studio Art major has best served me by acting as a reminder for how important creativity is to me.  While I never pursued any of the careers directly associated with the major (i.e. producing gallery-level art) I found myself constantly returning to artistic pursuits, often by unconventional means. Ultimately I concluded that I had picked the right major (in a very general sense) and art was going to be a big part of my life regardless of whether it hung on a wall or on someone's face.  

For me, work and play are best when they are blended, and I seek to earn a living doing many things that I love, and only a few that I don't.  

Profile for Alexis Cohen-Pena'09 was last updated on Jun 7, 2016.