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Alumni Profiles

Aaron Bauhs'05

My studio art major at Beloit really helped me in honing the ability to envision creative concepts and bring them to life in a way that pleases those around me has been extremely powerful. Even simple things, like ensuring straight-forward information is communicated in a way that is compelling and easy to digest, has set me apart professionally (including earning me multiple design patents).

On the personal side, I can't count the number of quirky designs I've created for rec sports teams, personal pursuits, or just for fun. Having a background in art has been an invaluable aspect of who I am and what I stand for. Additionally, working with real clients during my graphic design courses taught me about listening to people's needs and translating them into creative vision. Pairing that with the business learnings I gained while establishing Beloit's entrepreneurship center made me versatile, helping me adapt and succeed in varied industries and functions.

Profile for Aaron Bauhs'05 was last updated on Jun 7, 2016.