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Horace White Collection

One of the contemporaries of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Carnegie was Horace White, a name associated with the history of Beloit, and Beloit College. Due to Mr. White's friendship with Andrew Carnegie, the College received a gift of $50,000 from Carnegie to build the first separate library building on the Beloit College campus, completed in 1904. This building, abandoned as a library in 1962, now is the Pettibone Center for the Study of World Affairs.

The Horace White Collection consists of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War period in American history. The collection came to the College Libraries as the gift of Amelia Elizabeth White, 1878-1972, Abby White Howells, 1880-1975, Martha Root White, 1881-1937, daughters of Horace White.

- Collection Inventory: Pamphlet listings by date.