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Beloit College Timeline

1836 Caleb Blodgett and others begin to settle Beloit
1844 Meeting on Steamer Chesapeake, preliminary to founding of Beloit College in the summer
1845 Adopted a form of charter and elected a board of trustees in October
1846 Beloit College Charter granted by territory of Wisconsin on February 2
Original College site decided on September 25
1847 Cornerstone laid for Middle College on June 24
First Freshman class enters Beloit College on November 4
1848 Jackson J. Bushnell and Joseph Emerson appointed to the faculty on May 24
1849 First meeting of the Faculty on October 13
1850 Inauguration of President A.L. Chapin on July 24
1851 First class graduates
1852 William Porter appointed to the faculty
1853 bc_etching  Horace White graduates
Beloit College Monthly (later The Round Table) begins publishing in November
First passenger train to Beloit from Chicago on November 14
1856 Beloit College Alumni Association formed on July 9
1858 Theodore Lyman Wright born on September 13
1859 James J. Blaisdell appointed to the faculty
1865 President Lincoln spoke about Chapin and Kent, "saving the Union"
President Melvin Amos Brannon born on September 11
1866 T.C. Chamberlin graduates
1867 Arthur Henderson Smith graduates
Beloit Olympian baseball team wins state championship
1871 Henry M. Whitney appointed to faculty
1872 Edward Dwight Eaton graduates
1873 First gymnasium built
Jackson J. Bushnell dies in March
1876 Native American Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa), later famous doctor and writer, enters Beloit in September
1879 President Irving Maurer born on September 2
1880 Theodore Lyman Wright graduates
1881 George L. Collie graduates
Rollin D. Salisbury graduates
1886 Inauguration of President Edward Dwight Eaton on November 4
1889 First yearbook published -- Codex (later Gold) in February
1891 George Woodson -- first black graduate
Keep Field (later Hancock Field) puchased
1892 President A.L. Chapin dies on July 22
1893 Founding of the Logan Museum of Anthropology and First Cap and Gowns were worn at Commencement
1895 Women enter Beloit College in the fall
Charles Winter Wood graduates
1896 J.J. Blaisdell dies
1900 "Ding" Darling graduates (though class of 1899)
Joseph Emerson dies on August 4
1901 Robert K. Richardson appointed to faculty
President Carey Croneis born on March 14
1904 Grace Ousley -- first black woman graduate
1906 Roy Chapman Andrews graduates
1906-1907 Logan Museum moved from Pearsons to Memorial Hall
1908 Second Inauguration of Edward Dwight Eaton on March 4
1910 Beloit College Academy closed in June
1911 Phi Beta Kappa chapter installed at Commencement
1912 Death of D.K. Pearsons
1916 President Miller Upton born on December 27
1917 President Melvin A. Brannon assumed his duties on July 1
Professor William Porter died at age 97 on October 28
1918 Induction day for Student Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.) at Beloit College on October 1
1919 Marion Hedges published Iron City in the fall
Brannon's first resignation in November
1920 Brannon withdraws resignation on April 27
1923 Brannon's second resignation on January 10
1924 Inauguration of President Irving Maurer on June 14
Beloit College's first radio station, WEBW, broadcasts for the first time in October
1926 Theodore Lyman Wright dies on October 4
1928 Historical Sketches of Beloit College published
1934 Walter Ansel Strong Memorial Stadium dedicated on October 13
1942 President Maurer dies on February 28
1944 Inauguration of President Carey Croneis on November 11
1947 Chamberlin Springs donated to the College
1948 Radio station WBCR first broadcasts in December
1950 Beloit Poetry Journal first published in the fall
1953 Eaton Chapel fire on December 12
1954 Inauguration of President Miller Upton on October 29
George L. Collie dies, age 97, on December 28
1956 Dedication of the Natatorium in June
1957 First outdoor commencement in 95 years on June 9
Dolph Stanley resigns on August 27
Bill Knapton named head basketball coach in the fall
1959 Coughy House (then Kappa Alpha Theta) built
1960 "Blueprint for the Future -- An Expanded View" unveiled on February 12
World Outlook Program announced on February 12
Les McAllister selected first "teacher of the year" in June
1963 Athletic Hall of Honor inaugurated on March 29
Beloit Plan announced in April
1969 Black students issue set of twelve demands on February 26
1975 Inauguration of President Martha Peterson on October 10
1976 130th celebration with Attorney General Edward H. Levi, Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, Margaret Mead, and Catherine B. Cleary on October 14
1977 Chapin Society Dinner featuring John D. Rockefeller IV and a talk on "Ethics and Energy" on October 19
1978 Trustees decide to return to two-semester schedule (February 2-3)
Lecture given in Meyer Hall on "Perspectives on China" by George Bush on February 10
1980 Martha Peterson resigns as president
1981 Inauguration of President Roger H. Hull on October 3
1984 Renovations to Pearsons Hall start
Renovations to the museum in Wright Hall
Beloit becomes involved in the excavation of the Gottschall cave
1985 Beloit Fiction Journal first published in the fall
1986 Sports Center dedicated
1987 Beta Theta Pi Fraternity lost its charter
1990 The First-Year Initiatives program started
Haven renovated
Roger Hull anounces his resignation on September 12
Edward Hoerr ('57) assumes the position of interim president
1991 Inauguration of President Victor E. Ferrall, Jr. on October 5
1992 EB3/47 'The Head' figurine was found at Gottschall Cave
1996 Wright Art Museum renovated
Morse-Ingersol renovated
2000 Inauguration of President John E. Burris on November 17
2002 President Burris announces the decision to put the Turtle Creek Bookstore under management of Barnes & Noble
2005 Sanger Center for the Sciences is announced to be built under US Green Building Council Standars
2008 John E.Burris resigns as President, Dick Niemiec becomes interim presdient. Sanger Center for the Sciences opens for first academic semester
2009 Scott Bierman becomes the 11th President