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Roger Hull


A graduate of Dartmouth and Yale Law school, Roger Hull received his doctorate from University of Virginia. Hull came to Beloit with a background in both law and education. He had worked as a corporate lawyer, and wrote The Irish Triangle (Princeton University Press, 1976) and Law and Vietnam (Oceana Press, 1968). Hull was the Vice President for Development, and an adjunct law professor at Syracuse University before he came to Beloit in 1981. While at Beloit, Hull initiated the Help Yourself Program, and expanded the international exchange program. A significant increase in the endowment also occurred under Hull. In 1990 Hull moved on to become the president of Union College and assumed the chancellorship of Union University. From 1981 to 1990, the College's size and diversity increased, and growth within the College and the town helped form a stronger connection between the two.

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