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Beloit College Charter


An Act to Incorporate Beloit College

Be it Enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin:

SECTION 1. (That) Revd's A. Kent, D. Clary, S. Peet, F. Bascom, C. Waterbury, J. D. Stevens, A. L. Chapin, R. M. Pearson, Messrs. G.W. Hickox, A. Raymond, C. M. Goodsell, E. W. Potter, L. G. Fisher, W. Talcott, Charles S. Hempstead and Samuel Hinman and their successors be and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate to be styled the Board of Trustees of Beloit College, and by that name to remain in perpetual succession, with full power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, to acquire, hold and convey property real and personal; to have and use a common seal, to alter and renew the same at pleasure; to make and alter from time to time, such by-laws as they may deem necessary for the government of said institution, its officers and servants; Provided, Such by-laws are not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States or of this Territory; also, to have power to confer on those whom they may deem worthy, all such honors and degrees as are usually conferred in like institutions.

SECTION 2. That the said college shall be located in the township of Beloit, Rock County, and shall be erected on a plan sufficiently extensive to afford instruction in the liberal arts and sciences; and the trustees may, as their ability shall increase, and the interest of the country require, erect any or all of the different departments for the study of liberal professions, in such locations as may be most feasible, in the town of Beloit.

SECTION 3. That the board of trustees shall have power to appoint a president, vice-president and treasurer and such agents as they may deem necessary, and shall fill all vacancies that may occur in their own board, by resignation, death or neglect for more than one year, to attend to the duties of the trustees; Also, to appoint such officers, professors and teachers as the institution and government of the institution shall require, and prescribe their duties, and to remove any of them for sufficient reason; Also, to prescribe and direct the course of studies to be pursued in the institution and its departments.

SECTION 4. That the board of trustees shall consist of sixteen members with power to increase their number to twenty-four; and (any) seven of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Said board of trustees shall hold their first annual meeting in the township of Beloit, on the fourteenth day of April, 1846, and afterwards they shall meet on their own adjournments; but in cases of emergency the president, with the concurrence of two trustees, may call a special meeting, or any five members may call such meeting by giving notice to such (each) member at least ten days before the time of such meeting.

SECTION 5. That the board of trustees shall faithfully apply all funds by them collected or received, according to their best judgment, in erecting suitable buildings, supporting the necessary officers, instructors and servants, in procuring books and apparatus, necessary to the success of the institution; Provided, nevertheless, That in case any donation or bequest be made for particular purposes, which accord with the designs of the institution, and the corporation shall receive and accept the same, every donation or bequest thus made shall be applied in conformity to the conditions or designs expressed by the donor.

SECTION 6. That the treasurer of the institution shall always, and all other agents when required, before entering upon the duties of their appointment, give bond for the security of the corporation, and of the public, in such penal sums, and with such sureties as the board of trustees shall approve.

SECTION 7. That no religious tenets or opinions shall be requisite to entitle any person to be admitted as a student in said college, and no such tenets or opinions shall be required as a qualification for any professor, tutor or teacher of said college, and no student of said college shall be required to attend religious worship in any particular denomination.

SECTION 8. The Legislature shall have full power to alter, amend or repeal this act at any time, without any judicial investigation, and vested rights to the contrary notwithstanding.

Approved February 2, 1846.