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Beloit: Sons and Daughters in War and Peace


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American Civil War

Around 474 Beloit College students, alumni, and faculty served during the American Civil War and 53 died. When the war was over, the Beloit Alumni Association wanted to honor those who had served and died. They accomplished this with this building, Memorial Hall. Now home to the Logan Museum of Anthropology, the Alumni Association wanted the memorial to serve as

a portal through which suceeding [sic] generations will travel back among the somber but grand years of our conflict […] And from the presence of such soul-stirring memories they shall come back to their own times and struggle with their garments filled with the aroma of heroism and their hearts girded with valor for the right.

The names listed on a tablet hanging in Memorial Hall are those of the men from the college who died, never to be forgotten. The Association intended for the tradition of memorializing to continue with every conflict that saw the loss of a Beloiter.


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