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Beloit: Sons and Daughters in War and Peace


1968YR3.jpgSince 1846 Beloit College has striven to improve on a curriculum made to promote independent thinking and strong decision making skills. Because of this tradition, Beloit students have been infused with deep-seated desires both to defend their beliefs and serve a higher calling. With each new conflict that the United States and the world is thrown into Beloit student reactions shift and change. This exhibit explores our campus’ changing perspectives and remembers the men and women who have served in the armed forces.

Stanley Edward Lathrop, class of 1869, was asked to compile the names of the veterans from the Civil War, an endeavor which took him until after WWI. “This book is a labor of love. Its compiler will never lose his love and reverence for dear old Alma Mater, who has produced such a multitude of loyal sons and daughters whose record in war and peace shines brightly on the scroll of fame.”

This exhibit is also a labor love and dedicated to the sometimes forgotten men and women of Beloit College who have served with the armed forces and those who sacrificed all in that service. May Beloit College continue to produce intelligent and strong individuals willing to take a stand for their beliefs, whatever they may be.

Carol Dooley, class of 2013, curated this exhibit in May, 2013 as part of a Museum Studies special project.


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