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1964 "Beloit Daily News" One Mile Run

In 1964 at the Beloit Relays Silver Anniversary, a special "quarter century" mile run was added with a national-quality field including Dyrol Burleson (Olympian), Pat McNeal (4:10.5), Coppley Vickers (4:22.1), and Bill Dotson (4:22.1). The goal was to run Wisconsin's first Sub-4:00 mile. After four days of rain, Burleson managed an excellent 4:01.5 on the slow track, but fell short of the four minute goal.

Wisconsin's first sub-4 mile was not to come until Matt Tegenkamp (3:56.58) and Chris Solinsky (3:57.80) accomplished the feat by a large margin at the Badger Twilight Meet on May 6, 2006 – 52 years to the day after Roger Bannister first broke the barrier in 1954.