Heritage Q and A - 1992
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Heritage Q and A - 1992

Heritage Q and A was a historical column researched and written by "Mr. Beloit" Laurence A. Raymer, Beloit College class of 1934, and long-time editor of the Beloit Daily News. His column ran in the BDN from 1986 - 1992. This web page includes a list of questions used in the column. The Beloit Archives holds a complete collection of his columns, available for research.


January 2, 1992

Q1: Reminiscing about the oldtime South Beloit Businessmen's Club and the Thanksgiving time "Feather Parties." Remember them?

January 8, 1992

Q1: Do you get discouraged by the television programs on T.V nowadays? Remember when there was music, contests, and special programs for kids?

January 17, 1992

Q1: Are you aware that the Beloit area has made a substantial contribution to United States Olympic teams?

January 20, 1992

Q1: Wayne Showers is researching other communities named Beloit with a book in mind. There was a column a few years ago on Beloit, Kansas with the help of Beloit historian Stu Klinger. Stu writes about other Beloits.

January 23, 1992

Q1: Beloit's Marge VanGalder, author and former business associate, writes that her book 'Taming the Blue' has been well received. Have you read it?

January 30, 1992

Q1: Do you know that Beloit once laid claim to the title of ski jumping capital of he world?