Heritage Q and A - 1991
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Heritage Q and A - 1991

Heritage Q and A was a historical column researched and written by "Mr. Beloit" Laurence A. Raymer, Beloit College class of 1934, and long-time editor of the Beloit Daily News. His column ran in the BDN from 1986 - 1992. This web page includes a list of questions used in the column. The Beloit Archives holds a complete collection of his columns, available for research.


January 9, 1991

Q1: Remembering Ralph E. Zitelman

January 17, 1991

Q1: Do you recall the "Field Mass" celebrated by Beloit Catholics as part of the 1936 Beloit Centennial celebration?

January 21, 1991

Q1: Do you remember Earl A. Cleveland, who was editor of the Beloit Daily News and operated a music store I Beloit?

February 4, 1991

Q1: Mike Baden of Beloit and South Beloit comes up with part three of "Turning the Clock Back 80 Years;" more memories.

February 14, 1991

Q1: Remember how superstitious people used to be? Do you think they still are?

February 20, 1991

Q1: Readers recall myths of their childhoods.

February 26, 1991

Q1: Do you know anything about the Wesleyan Club?

March 1, 1991

Q1: Ever hear or see a "huckster" in or around Beloit?

March 14, 1991

Q1: Horace White Park and Mechanic's Green are two Beloit parks which are pretty close together, and people don't seem to use Mechanic's Green. Why were the two parks laid out only a block apart?

March 18, 1991

Q1: Do you recall Col. Rolf Rosman, who was marshal of the Memorial Day parade for many years?

April 4, 1991

Q1: One of the community's outstanding musicians, accordionist Jake Barraco, recalls the "Big Band Era."

April 15, 1991

Q1: G.J. Bigsby asks about old events, places and people.

April 29, 1991

Q1: Robert J. Maddock talks about the 1915 senior number of "The Increscent," the predecessor of the Beloit Memorial High School "Beloiter."

May 6, 1991

Q1: Remember the fun we used to have as kids with "tongue twisters?" I wonder if people still try to stump each other.

May 13, 1991

Q1: Remember Bobbie Morrill who grew up down town?

May 23, 1991

Q1: Ever seen an old "Increscent?"

June 3, 1991

Q1: Remember Jimmy Leeson, proprietor of The Spanish Tavern?

June 6, 1991

Q1: Daily topic of conversation in 1916 was a plan to build a paved stateline road from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan long before the concept of the I-system of interstate highways. Anyone remember?

June 24, 1991

Q1: Tales of early Beloit never center around Bird Leffingwell. Ever hear of him?

July 3, 1991

Q1: A couple of times a week folks ask us "How did Beloit get its name?"

July 19, 1991

Q1: Back in 1916, counselors replaced horse-drawn sweepers" with a mechanical street "flusher," which revolutionized the street department's operation. Ever hear about this incident?

July 23, 1991

Q1: What can you tell me about the explosion that rocked the E.I. Chester Co. many years ago (1930)?

July 26, 1991

Q1: Dick Cameron recalls when he was a member of the R.O.T.C. at Beloit High School and asks for recollections.

August 6, 1991

Q1: Remember the fire that destroyed the First Baptist Church in 1884?

August 12, 1991

Q1: Who was Dr. Leeson?

August 22, 1991

Q1: Do you recall some of the old time radio shows?

August 30, 1991

Q1: I like your column and the good old days that you write about, but I'm wondering whether those days were really so good after all?

September 10, 1991

Q1: Are you going to write something about the stores near the central bridge which are being torn down?

September 12, 1991

Q1: Wasn't the Grand Army of the Republic Hall at the west end of the downtown central bridge in the building being torn down?

September 16, 1991

Q1: Can you tell us something about Sharpe's Photo Studio?

September 26, 1991

Q1: Are you going to write something on the VFW Dugout down under the central bridge?

October 2, 1991

Q1: Letter from Stuart Klinger on old-time Beloit radio and crystal sets.

October 10, 1991

Q1: Wasn't Professor Blaisdell of the college involved in the creation of Big Hill Park?

October 16, 1991

Q1: Didn't Beloit have some famous athletes?

October 25, 1991

Q1: Did you know Paul Anderson, the last of the clan of jewelers?

October 31, 1991

Q1: You've written about Beloit Artist E.M.R. Weiner, but you haven't mentioned Ken Peterson. Wasn't he Mr. Weiner's protégé and quite famous in his own right?

November 5, 1991

Q1: Did you know that this is the centennial year for three Beloit College buildings?

November 15, 1991

Q1: Question about the "Little Benny" column in the Daily News a generation or two ago.

November 26, 1991

Q1: Do you remember Mary Evans, the superintendent of the old Municipal


December 3, 1991

Q1: I haven't seen much in your column on the ethnic makeup of Beloit, remember the Hungarians?

December 11, 1991

Q1: Do you know the history of Horace White Park?

December 20, 1991

Q1: Who is honored by Johnson Park in Beloit?