Heritage Q and A - 1990
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Heritage Q and A - 1990

Heritage Q and A was a historical column researched and written by "Mr. Beloit" Laurence A. Raymer, Beloit College class of 1934, and long-time editor of the Beloit Daily News. His column ran in the BDN from 1986 - 1992. This web page includes a list of questions used in the column. The Beloit Archives holds a complete collection of his columns, available for research.


January 2, 1990

Q1: Beloit has been blessed by good doctors and dentists, do you remember any?

January 5, 1990

Q1: Remember when Beloit and Rock County were geared up for Civil Defense, and everything was organized down to emergency sirens, warning and evacuating systems, food and housing shelters?

January 8, 1990

Q1: We were visiting about plumbers the other day, and the name Bob Morrill came up. Do you remember him?

January 12, 1990

Q1: Had a letter from Mike Baden of 2080 Shopiere Road, who turns back the clock 80 years. He asks "Do you remember when?"

January 17, 1990

Q1: More reminiscences from Mike Baden. "Do you remember when?"

January 26, 1990

Q1: Who was Ernie Smith?

February 2, 1990

Q1: Was the hype in advertising much different say 60 years ago?

February 23, 1990

Q1: Remember the fun carnivals we had while attending Lincoln Junior High School?

March 1, 1990

Q1: A men's club recently served a savory concoction called "Hunter's" or "Hobo stew." It reminded us of wonderful meals at Boy Scout Camp when we made "Hunter's Stew." Anyone remember?

March 9, 1990

Q1: Do you have anything on William Knipshield?

March 16, 1990

Q1: Do you remember Earl Thrall?

April 2, 1990

Q1: Mrs. R. William Haugan of McFarland, Wis. remembers Miss Hazel Croft.

April 5, 1990

Q1: Edward J. Behrens elaborates on the stew story (March 1, 1990) and discusses the Hawaiian language.

April 13, 1990

Q1: Mrs. Minnie Langworthy of Dodge Center, Minnesota recalls the earthquake of September, 1972.

April 27, 1990

Q1: Do your remember your grandparents?

May 9, 1990

Q1: Audria G. Allen found a picture of the early 1920s F.R.A. baseball team and wants to know what the "F.R.A." represents.

May 16, 1990

Q1: Charles W. Lake Jr. Recalls Mr. Thrall one of the memorable teachers at old Beloit High School.

May 25, 1990

Q1: Have you noticed the growing number of birds in Beloit neighborhoods and the variety of species?

June 7, 1990

Q1: How about writing something on the first three graduates of the college, and commencements of the past?

June 14, 1990

Q1: I've heard that Wisconsin was among the first states to observe "Flag Day." Is this true?

June 21, 1990

Q1: I've heard talk about the Beloit tornado of 1883. What can you tell us about it?

June 28, 1990

Q1: Do you remember Dr. H.A. Studebaker?

July 5, 1990

Q1: The old Rindfleisch greenhouse and the weeping willows behind Memorial High School. I've heard that Mr. Rindfleisch just some willow sticks or twigs into the ground and the trees are the result. Is this true?

July 16, 1990

Q1: Beloit is very fortunate to have dedicated morticians and funeral directors. It was suggested that "you've known a number of them, haven't you, working on the paper?"

July 26, 1990

Q1: Remember the civic pageant of July 1966 at Strong Stadium?

August 10, 1990

Q1: Recalling Duke Millheam of the Ted Perring Sports Hall of Fame.

August 17, 1990

Q1: Could you give us a bit more on Caleb Blodgett and the founding of Beloit?

August 24, 1990

Q1: Do you remember any of the medical civic leaders who were in the news years ago?

August 31, 1990

Q1: Do you remember Walt Pire and his print shop?

September 7, 1990

Q1: Discussing the "good times" when they were in school. Did you ever get a gold star?

September 13, 1990

Q1: Do you remember any of the wonderful songs of the World War II era?

September 21, 1990

Q1: Laurence A. Palmer tells readers how much he loves the letters.

October 1, 1990

Q1: People interested in " Beloit firsts."

October 5, 1990

Q1: Did you ever have a favorite news correspondent?

October 12, 1990

Q1: Questions about travel and roads 80 or 70 years ago.

October 18, 1990

Q1: How Beloit got the name Beloit.

November 5, 1990

Q1: Larry were those good old days really so good?

November 9, 1990

Q1: Do you know how Beloit, Kansas received its name?

November 15, 1990

Q1: The days at Roosevelt Field when fast pitch softball was the most popular game in town. He asks if we remember.

November23, 1990

Q1: Do you remember box socials?

November 29, 1990

Q1: Are you familiar with the Battle of Waterloo (the local one)?

December 7, 1990

Q1: What are some of your memories of the old days at Big Hill Park?

December 12, 1990

Q1: Do you remember peddlers and house to house salesmen who sold a variety of merchandise?

December 24, 1990

Q1: Guest columnist Samuel J. Donato recalls growing up in a closely knit Italian family.

December 31, 1990

Q1: Do you recall the YMCA Boys' Choir, which was so popular 25 years ago?