Heritage Q and A - 1987
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Heritage Q and A - 1987

Heritage Q and A was a historical column researched and written by "Mr. Beloit" Laurence A. Raymer, Beloit College class of 1934, and long-time editor of the Beloit Daily News. His column ran in the BDN from 1986 - 1992. This web page includes a list of questions used in the column. The Beloit Archives holds a complete collection of his columns, available for research.


January 2, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the days when we used to play "bingo," "bank nights," and similar promotions at Beloit Theaters?

January 6, 1987

Q1: Remember when we were kids, and everyone had a dog? Did you ever have a dog?

Q2: What were The Seven Wonders of the World so often mentioned but never enumerated?

Q3: Do you remember the drudgery of the old time wash days when everything was done by hand?

January 9, 1987

Q1: Do you remember The Nut Hut, which operated between 1935 and 1950 on East Grand Avenue at the address now occupied by Rock Savings Association?

Q2: Did you ever hear of or play a game called "Mah-Jongg?"

January 13, 1987

Q1: Do you remember when Beloit had a crack hockey club, and fielded a really good team? I think it was around 1936?

Q2: A.J. Nelson of Greenview Drive writes about boys "making their own fun" in a nostalgic ear.

January 16, 1987

Q1: Didn't Lindberg graduate from the University of Wisconsin?

Q2: Do you remember the drudgery of the old time wash days when everything was done by hand?

January 19 1987

Q1: Haven't many Beloit streets changed their names in the last 75 years? What were some of the early names?

Q2: Do you recall the industries around the " Race Street" at the foot of St. Lawrence Avenue?

Q3: When was the South Beloit Women's Club organized? Wasn't it South Beloit's first organized social and welfare society?

January 26, 1987

Q1: Weren't the 1920s called "The Jazz Age?"

January 29, 1987

Q1: When you're talking about pheasants you're talking about Jess Hogans.

Q2: Remember when fellows wore "spats" in the winter time, and when they were pretty fashionable on a date?

February 2, 1987

Q1: Wasn't the lovely farm home across the way from the Beloit Township fire station on Afton Road, at one time, called 'The Klondike Farm' after a Beloit who panned gold in Alaska?

February 6, 1987

Q1: Remember when seed catalogues for summer gardens always seemed to arrive during a zero spell? But they always gave us a reason to look toward spring.

Q2: Do you remember "the old Northwestern paper train," building a ski scaffold on "the old hospital hill," and "hitching rides on the sleighs of farmers?"

Q3: I remember a cute baby-voiced singer years ago, and I think that they called her Betty Boop. Know anything about her?

February 11, 1987

Q1: I was wondering if you could write something on the history of Switch Track Alley. Our neighborhood organization... 'Citizens for a Better Beloit Community'... recently had the area landscaped, and it would be a nice way to highlight the area.

Q2: Who were the Mill Brothers? Were they really brothers?

February 13, 1987

Q1: Can you tell us something about the storm of November 11, 1911 on the 11 th day of the 11 th month of the 11 th year?

February 17, 1987

"Touring Beloit for the Phone Company" by Laurence A. Raymer

February 19, 1987

Q1: How many Beloiters remember that in the 1920s Fairbanks-Morse had a basketball team rivaling the fame of the baseball team, which gets so much memory recognition?

Q2: Do you remember when horseshoe pitching was a big sport and pastime in Beloit, and a time when factories and service clubs had "league teams?"

February 24, 1987

Q1: Do you recall when Beloit had "lamplighters" who went bout the city and lighted street lamps?

Q2: Didn't Fairbanks-Morse at one time have a very fine restaurant right inside the plant, which also served civic dinners?

Q3: Have you ever heard of a recreational area somewhere west of the power plant north of Beloit along Rock River called "The Beefsteak Club?"

February 26, 1987

Q1: Do you remember Ding Darling?

Q2: John I. Meyer talks about the location of stockyards in Beloit and the smells.

March 5, 1987

Q1: Aren't you forgetting the famous women athletic teams associated with Fairbanks-Morse? Fairbanks-Morse had a widely known girls' basketball team, and you shouldn't forget them.

Q2: In a recent column you mentioned the South Beloit Businessmen's Club in connection with annual Thanksgiving Feather Parties and installation of street lights. When was this group started?

Q3: Myron Williams writes about the different events and people, he remembers from his past that this article has written about.

March 6, 1987

Q1: What do you remember about Ward T. Connell? He was one of the greatest football players ever raised in Beloit, and played at Notre Dame.

Q2: Do you remember the Ramquist store on West Grand Avenue at Moore Street?

March 10, 1987

Q1: Won't you write something about Earl L. Rice who was involved with the old Boy Scout camp between Rockton and Roscoe?

March 12, 1987

Q1: Who is honored by the McNeel Junior High School? Who was J.H. McNeel?

March 17, 1987

Q1: Tell us something about Sidney Smith and his famous cartoon and comic strip character, "Andy Gump." Wasn't he well known in this area?

Q2: About when was the first night softball game played in Beloit under the lights, and who participated?

March 20, 1987

Q1: Didn't Beloit have a pretty famous Model Airplane club some years back?

March 24, 1987

Q1: Can you tell us something about the history of the Beloit water works, and the old water towers on the hill over looking Pleasant Street?

Q2: What the story on the stone arch bridge at Tiffany?

Q3: Carl Ramquist, Sr. tells lists grocery stores of his acquaintance, both as a wholesaler for 30 years, and later "as a swing or alternate salesman for the same store [Chambers and Owens]."

March 27, 1987

Q1: Dale L. Thompson writes about his experiences and memories of lamplighters.

Q2: Do you remember some of the old time dances which kept feel tapping happily over the last 50 years?

March 31, 1987

Q1: Carl T. Ralston talks about his memories of the 11-11-11 storm.

Q2: Did any of you know Nellie Jones? She was principal of Lincoln Junior high for many years.

April 3, 1987

Q1: Wasn't a close relationship between the college and the community one of the strengths of the college during the administration of President Melvin Brannon?

April 7, 1987

Q1: Do you remember celebrating May Day (May 1) when we left homemade baskets filled with goodies on the doorsteps of our very special friends?

Q2: Who was Mr. Waterman in whose honor Waterman Scholl is named? What did he do?

April 9, 1987

Q1: Do you remember Haymarket Square and the "square" at Fourth Street and West Grand Avenue?

Q2: Do you remember Nelson Avenue and the set of old buildings at the crossroad west of Beloit and two wooden bridges?

April 15, 1987

Q1: Do you remember Joe Louis? Jack Dempsey? Jess Willard?

Q2: Do you remember the 'Look What's Cooking' hometown shows of yesteryear?

Q3: Do you remember the world's fair in Chicago called A Century of Progress? What year was that held?

April 17, 1987

Q1: Don't forget Professor Stone. He was Beloit's exponent of International goodwill and understanding.

Q2: There are so many things we take for granted these days. Take nylon as an example. Where did it come from? And how would we get along without it?

April 21, 1987

Q1: Edward J. Behrens writes about his memories with Scouting and Indian lore.

Q2: Do you remember the old Soapbox Derby days, and then goes on to recall how he feels about them.

April 23, 1987

Q1: Am I right that there was an Indian battleground along the Mississippi in Wisconsin by the name of Bad Axe?

April 28, 1987

Q1: Do you remember when the currently banned 'D.D.T.' was sprayed on Beloit's elm trees? What does D.D.T. stand for?

May 1, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the old Beloit Savings Bank and the "School Savings Plan" in which kids brought pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to Parker School on bank day?

Q2: C.W. Hopkins (then Anna Bee Lusby) talks about her memories playing on the Fairbanks-Morse girls Basketball Team.

May 5, 1987

Q1: You've written about several great principals and teachers in Beloit but haven't you forgotten several great teachers in South Beloit?

May 7, 1987

Q1: I know Richard Nixon spoke at the Beloit's Boys' Club. When was that?

May 12, 1987

Q1: Wasn't Paul Newman's first wife a Beloit girl? The name Jackie Witte comes to mind.

Q2: Have you ever seen an old Edison phonograph of 100 years ago?

May 15, 1987

Q1: Joanne Klett discusses some of the famous personalities who have appeared in Beloit.

Q2: What can you tell me about Minnie McIntyre Wallace, the writer of the Daily News column 'Just Gossip?'

May 19, 1987

Q1: Do you remember Chester Christensen?

Q2: Do you remember Ted Robie? He was a marvelous fellow. He was an entertaining and interesting conversationalist. A lover of young people and a credit to his profession.

May 22, 1987

Q1: Didn't Beloit have a portrait artist by the name of Weiner?

Q2: Do you remember Father Ward in Beloit?

May 27, 1987

Q1: Could you tell us something about the department store 'McNeany's' and about the family?

May 29, 1987

Q1: Do you remember when kids built tree houses and even sat in trees a couple days at a time? Wasn't tree sitting a big fad at one time?

Q2: Evalyn Marlett Burroughs recalls many memories while reading our heritage column.

Q3: Wasn't there a young pilot who flew the Atlantic Ocean alone about the time Charles Lindbergh did? Wasn't he called 'Wrong Way Corrigan?'

June 3, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the Daily News sponsored tour to Washington, D.C. in 1931?

June 9, 1987

Q1: When were the Daily News sponsored tours to Hawaii?

June 11, 1987

Q1: Did you know that Fairbanks-Morse was an early manufacturer of farm tractors?

Q2: How big does rhubarb get?

Q3: Do you remember a stilt walker by the name of Kenneth Hill?

June 16, 1987

Q1: When did the Norwegians come to this area?

June 18, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the Six Day Bicycle races and the famous Six Day walking Races?

Q2: Could you tell us more about the early transportation and stagecoach lines?

June 23, 1987

Q1: You've written about many of the Daily News reporters. Do you remember Taylor Merrill?

June 30, 1987

Q1: When was the present Beloit post office opened?

Q2: Have you every visited 'House on the Rock' near Spring Green?

July 2, 1987

Q1: Do you remember newspaper reporter George Clark?

July 6, 1987

Q1: Could you tell us more about Governor Dodge State Park that was named after Governor Dodge.

Q2: When did South Beloit get a police department of its own?

July 13, 1987

Q1: Historian Martin Krueger provided us with some musings and jottings by the late Walter M. Dundore, curator of Bartlett Museum for many years.

Q2: Donna C. Ketner posed for Beloit artist E.M.R. Weiner and would like to find that portrait.

Q3: Do you remember the old street car system, the "car burns" on Colby Street, and the Blue Diamond night club?

July 17, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the "huts" on the Beloit college campus following World War II, which are now in a cluster on Shirland Avenue?

July 21, 1987

Q1: Have you noticed that the grain harvest is underway with combines in the fields? Remember the old days of 'thrashing?'

July 27, 1987

Q1: Have you ever heard of a boat on Rock River called 'Myrtle?'

Q2: Do you remember the old time laundries in Beloit such as the Eureka?

July 29, 1987

Photograph of the students who went on the Daily News sponsored tour to Washington, D.C.

July 30, 1987

Q1: You've mentioned the old American Legion Drum and Bugle Corps. Didn't the Eagles also have a Drum Corps?

Q2: Ada Clarke discusses her memories of Waverly Beach.

August 3, 1987

Q1: You've mentioned Judge Luebke and Judge Christensen in your column, and I'm wondering what you can tell us about Judge Clark. Wasn't he a good judge, too?

Q2: Do you remember the Royal Candy Shop on West Grand Avenue, and those wonderful sundaes and banana splits?

August 8, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the colorful Rex Theater on Fourth Street?

August 11, 1987

Q1: Can you tell me something about Dr. Mary Bartlett?

August 13, 1987

Q1: Doesn't Beloit have especially good drinking water?

Q2: What was Beloit like in 1911?

August 17, 1987

Q1: Who was Judd M. Cobb, and what is his place in Beloit history?

Q2: When I was growing up I lived near Mr. and Mrs. Doyle who showed me pictures of their nephew in their scrapbook. His name was Ronald Reagan. Could their nephew be the famous Ronald Reagan?

Q3: Mrs. Charles (Anna) Larson brought into the Daily News "Automobile Routes of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky," published by Sidney J. King of Chicago in 1916. It is three inches thick and nicely printed and bound. Her question is: Have you ever seen anything like it?

August 19, 1987

Q1: Lois Curtight Henderson writes about her memories on the post-war housing barracks on the college campus.

August 21, 1987

Q1: What do you remember about old Messer Lodge?

August 26, 1987

Q1: Ever heard of George E. Downer?

Q2: Following are a few more notes from M. Walter Dundore.

August 27, 1987

Q1: Do you like horses? A.J. Nelson speaks about how Beloit had nearly as many horses as people in 1900.

Q2: Do you have some more of Walt Dundore's philosophy?

August 28, 1987

'Heritage Special' – " Bartlett home became museum in 1962" by Laurence A. Raymer.

September 1, 1987

Q1: Do you remember when we had gas lights in our homes before the general use of electricity?

Q2: Weren't early Beloit schools numbered, and later given names?

September 3, 1987

Q1: Do you know how and when the 'B' Club was organized?

Q2: How were things in Beloit in 1920?

Q3: You're no "spring chicken" if you do, but do you remember...

September 8, 1987

Q1: Ever heard of the great Dr. Frederick Fazakerley?

Q2: Richard N. Sands writes about early gasoline engines manufactured in Beloit.

September 10, 1987

Q1: Did you know a Wisconsin man was referred to as "The father of the automobile?" Did you know Wisconsin at one time had a network of 385 miles of "interurban railroads" connecting various cities? That Wisconsin highways were not marked and numbered until 1917?

September 17, 1987

Q1: Could you please write something about Dr. Arthur C. Helm? Wasn't he a member of a family of doctors?

Q2: Looking at old City Directories is fascinating, and perhaps you'd like to share one. How about 1892?

September 23, 1987

Q1: Bill Bolgrien comments on Walt Dundore's reference to General Philip Kearny.

Q2: Marilyn Poff wrote about Messer Lodge.

Q3: Milford Sandell recalls some of his happy impressions of Beloit in a pleasurable era.

September 28, 1987

Heritage 'Special': Dining with America's 16th president

October 1, 1987

Q1: With the revival of interest in historical preservation, and the creation of a fascinating Lincoln Center on Hackett Street, shouldn't we recall the work of Walt Dundore? Wouldn't you say we owe him a lot?

Q2: What do you know about the artist R. Lee Buck, who painted a striking painting of Horace White Park's original historic gazebo?

October 6, 1987

Q1: Arne Thompson writes an interesting letter about his 1920 highway route book covering Carroll Road out of Brodhead.

Q2: Do you remember the Music Memory Contests in the Beloit Public Schools in the early 1920s?

October 9, 1987

Q1: Could you tell us more about Bob Becker, the outdoor writer?

October 16, 1987

Q1: Do you remember Harry and Lela Lombard, a well known vaudeville act?

October 20, 1987

Q1: Could you tell us about the beginning of the Beloit Mall? Wasn't the site once a golf course?

October 23, 1987

Q1: Could you tell us how Family Service of Beloit got started, and how it has grown to become so important to community family life?

October 29, 1987

Q1: Can you tell us something about Villa Louis?

Q2: Where is the "Old Wade House and what is it noted for?

Q3: Dale Thompson writes about a house he lived in on Central Avenue.

November 4, 1987

Q1: Is it true that the city Post Office once was located along where the Overflowing Cup is located on East Grand Avenue?

Q2: Walt Dundore's question today is: "Have you ever wondered..."

November 6, 1987

Q1: In whose honor and memory is Kelsey Field at Rockton named?

November 10, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the building (by Tom Timmons and Trenton Fry) and subsequent flying (by Tom Timmons) of the first airplane in Beloit in 1914?

Q2: What was going on in Beloit in 1870?

November 13, 1987

Q1: Do you know about the hermit who lived in the Big Hills?

Q2: Orville H. Haas shares his memories of Waverly Beach?

November 17, 1987

Q1: Tell us something about Ira Inman. Didn't he start the National Brown Swiss Association?

Q2: Where and what is Stonefield Village?

November 19, 1987

Q1: Do you know the story about the 'new' Prairie Hill School, which was torn down for Interstate 90?

Q2: Did you realize that motorists seeking certain destinations are becoming a race of "gropers" stumbling along at the wheel? Walt Dundore discusses his "musings" on "groping."

November 24, 1987

Q1: What was Beloit College like in 1850?

November 27, 1987

Q1: Have you ever seen thousands of migrating geese at the Horicon Marsh area?

December 2, 1987

Q1: When Rockford College was founded wasn't it just for women, and wasn't there a connection with Beloit College?

December 4, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the Keenan barber shop on North State Street associated with the old Goodwin Hotel and Goodwin Block?

December 8, 1987

Q1: Before water works hydrants around town and downtown, didn't the city have a system of storage tanks to fight fires?

Q2: Could you write something about Judge Charles D. Rosa?

December 11, 1987

Q1: Have you ever visited the G.A.R. Memorial Hall in Madison where an education on the Civil War is available free?

Q2: Andor J. Nelson talks about the playing field on Hackett Street and the fun days of yesteryear in the area of the Lincoln Center.

December 15, 1987

Q1: Late historian Walter Dundore asks and answers some of his own questions like "Would you believe that ham sold for 12 cents a pound in 1857?"

Q2: I know that 'Forward' is the motto of Wisconsin, but what about such things as the state's official tree, bird, and flower? Can you list these for us?

Q3: Can you give us some information about the origin of the Wisconsin's state flag?

December 18, 1987

Q1: Please tell us what the big white building at the corner of Shore Drive and Beach Street is? It looks like it might have been a hotel. Was it?

December 22, 1987

Q1: A.J. Nelson talks about a number of interesting things. He asks that we "add Prof. L.V. Ballard to your list of heritage profiles."

December 28, 1987

Q1: Do you remember the old fairgrounds and great attractions just over the state line along Highway 51?

Q2: Bob Florey writes an interesting letter in which he asks about "the old linen mill" on Copeland Avenue and includes some of his own memories.