Heritage Q and A - 1986
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Heritage Q and A - 1986

Heritage Q and A was a historical column researched and written by "Mr. Beloit" Laurence A. Raymer, Beloit College class of 1934, and long-time editor of the Beloit Daily News. His column ran in the BDN from 1986 - 1992. This web page includes a list of questions used in the column. The Beloit Archives holds a complete collection of his columns, available for research.


April 26, 1986

Q1: Does Horace White Park honor two Horace Whites? If so, were they related?

Q2: Where was Elliot's Ice Cream Parlor?

Q3: Details on a monument in Oakwood Cemetery?

Q4: What were the Beloit men, who went to California for the Gold Rush of 1849, like?

May 2, 1986

Q1: Did you know that Beloit has an official Flag Song?

Q2: Have you ever heard of the Beloit Reaper and Sickle Works?

Q3: Do you have any names of blacksmiths during the 1880s?

Q4: What do you know about S.J. Goodwin besides that he operated hotels?

Q5: When did piped water come to Beloit homes?

May 8, 1986

Q1: Who is Ed Merrill?

Q2: How long have there been school crossing guards?

Q3: Where was the 'old library'? When did Beloit get the 'new library'?

May 14, 1986

Q1: Where was 'Poe's Park'?

Q2: What and where were Beloit's popular amusement spots and bathing beaches?

Q3: Where was the Blue Diamond located? What was it like?

Q4: What was Rocco's Steak House's original name? Did it use to offer bands and entertainment?

Q5: What was the night spot in Beloit located at the corner of Blackhawk Boulevard and Gardner Street?

Q6: What was it to eat at an old time 'Boarding House'?

May 16, 1986

Q1: Is it true that once a real steamboat operated on Rock River?

Q2: What happened to the First Congregational Church's steeple?

Q3: Do you remember a tourist camp along the river near the Henry Avenue bridge?

May 20, 1986

Q1: What was the old Beloit street car system like? When did it start? When did it end?

Q2: When can people look at the Hanchett-Bartlett house after it is renovated and refurbished?

Q3: In the past wasn't Beloit a railroad hub for both passengers and freight? Wasn't it easy to get to both Milwaukee and Chicago by train?

Q4: When did telegraph service come to Beloit?

Q5: How did people travel prior to trains? Was there stagecoach?

May 28, 1986

Q1: Where is Strong Park and who is it named for?

Q2: Did people used to eat dandelions from their yards?

May 31, 1986

Q1: On Beloit's Centennial Medallion, do the words that appear on it ('Scienta vera cum fide pura') mean 'true science and pure faith'?

Q2: What has high school like in 1930?

Q3: Were Ed and Bob Branigan both city councilmen? Which one was father and which one was son?

Q4: Wasn't Beloit Municipal Hospital become a self-supporting hospital operating without tax funds before the Beloit Memorial Hospital opened on West Hart Road?

Q5: What was the Wakanda Club?

Q6: Before refrigeration, there was the trick of 'reserving eggs'. What did this mean?

June 3, 1986

Q1: Where were the Radway and Branigan Hotels located? How many hotels has Beloit had over the years?

Q2: Have you anything on 'The Gharrity Five?'

Q3: Where was Plumb's lunch?

Q4: Who were some attorneys in Beloit 75 or 80 years ago?

Q5: How far back do 'Beauty Parlors' go?

Q6: What's the history of Big Hill Park?

Q7: Where was Joe Hackett's soda pop factory?

June 5, 1986

Q1: Wasn't the Beloit Ski Club world famous in the early 1900s? Didn't some famous names live and jump here?

Q2: The Beloit bird club is named for Ned Hollister. Who was he and what did he do?

Q3: How high was the crime rate in Beloit 75 or 80 years ago?

Q4: Was Bob and Nate Tilley's father, Nate Tilley, an athlete and civic leader also?

June 10, 1986

Q1: Large gatherings were common 75 or 100 years ago counting into the hundreds. Who figured out how many people came? Did someone have the key to these gatherings?

Q2: What did homemakers use to clean before modern-day detergents?

Q3: Who was 'Mr. Scouting' aka Gunnard Holt?

June 11, 1986

Q1: How tough were conditions for the first college students?

Q2: Were things like calves hearts, pigs feet, boiled tongue, and stuffed liver actually on menus and served in homes? What happened to these delicacies?

Q3: Have you ever heard of a dish called 'Turkish Dolma'?

Q4: What ever happened to the tradition of 'bringing in the sheaves'?

June 12, 1986

Q1: Who was Charles Leaver? Wasn't he a musician?

Q2: Have you ever heard of Alverda Peale Coker? Wasn't she an artist with a Beloit connection?

Q3: Do you have any books listing some of the 'household hints' that women used to pass along to each other, such as preserving, cleaning, keeping, removing, etc.?

Q4: Were more people superstitious in the past than now?

June 18, 1986

Q1: In the fall of 1939 Ed Wilson organized the first Cross Country Team at Beloit Memorial High School. When was the first Big Eight Cross country Conference meet held, and who won team and individual honors?

Q2: What does 'Abaris' mean? What does it have to do with Beloit Mental Health Services?

Q3: What happened to the Veterans' Memorial?

Q4: What was the date of the train collusion at the old St. Paul railroad deport? Do you have any other details?

Q5: When did the city first acquire 'The Water Witch'? Where is it now and in what shape is it?

June 20, 1986

Q1: What was Beloit like 50, 60, or 75 years ago?

Q2: Didn't Abe Lincoln visit Beloit before his more famous visit in 1859?

Q3: When was vocational Education introduced to Beloit?

Q4: How did Dickop Street in South Beloit get its name?

June 25, 1986

Q1: Where was the Goodwin or Wilson Opera House?

Q2: Were there other theaters here, too?

Q3: Hasn't Beloit portrayed its history in several pageants?

Q4: When was the beacon light installed in the tower of the First Congregational Church?

Q5: Is it true that Beloit temperatures have gotten as low as 25 or 30 degrees below?

Q6: What kind of a place was Beloit in the early days? Was it attractive and livable? Did it get 'good press' around the country?

Q7: Did Beloit and area pioneers have time for sports?

June 27, 1986

Q1: When did Beloit get an official city flag?

Q2: Isn't Shopiere just about as old as Beloit? And isn't the Congregational Church there pretty old?

Q3: when was Rock County organized?

Q4: Beloit has some fine golf courses. When was the "Muni" opened?

Q5: How about baseball parks? Where were some of them?

Q6: Bowling is really big in Beloit. When did all this activity begin?

June 28, 1986

Q1: Where was the old Vale Bakery? What were some of the other bakeries in Beloit?

Q2: Didn't Beloit have some good butcher shops downtown where meat was 'cut to order'?

Q3: Tell us something about the old grocery stores. How were they different from today's supermarkets?

Q4: In whose honor is Cunningham School on Beloit's far west side named? Was it in honor of Lawrence or John Cunningham?

July 1, 1986

Guest Report by Laurence A. Raymer

"Beloiters were thrilled by 1916 pageant"

July 2, 1986

Guest Report by Laurence A. Raymer

"History of Beloit's 'Flaming Wheel' flag"

July 9, 1986

Q1: Is it true that after the turn of the century Beloit had one or more "Livery Stables" in the downtown business district?

Q2: Tell us something about the Thompson Plow works of Beloit. What happened to it?

Q3: What about that 1880 Fair? Was it big time?

Q4: When was Beloit's post office opened? And wasn't the public library once a post office?

Q5: I've heard that the winter of 1935-1936 was a really hard one. Do you have any statistics?

July 14, 1986

Q1: Did you know that the adding machine, or forerunner of the calculator, was invented in Beloit?

Q2: Were the newspapers that came before The Daily News as good as it? How about the old Beloit Free Press?

Q3: Did Beloit have some pretty fair boxers over the years?

Q4: Who was "Shady" Woods? What was his claim to fame?

Q5: Didn't Beloit actually send some baseball players 'to the big leagues?' I've heard that George Perring was one of them.

Q6: Where was the Cosmo Hall? And wasn't there a 'Columbia Hall' in Beloit, too?

July 18, 1986

Q1: Is it true that once Beloit had something like 20 or more saloons?

Q2: Didn't Beloit have a glove factory on the west side somewhere?

Q3: tobacco shops were common 75 years ago, but what about cigar makers. Did Beloit have any?

Q4: Who was Clinton Babbitt?

Q5: Do you know anything about a 'twine' binder reaping machine invented or perfected in Beloit?

July 22, 1986

Q1: Wasn't the summer of 1936 sweltering hot?

Q2: Didn't some college professor write a book about Beloit, which resulted in some controversy?

Q3: Do you have something on Foster, Juvenile and the Freeman Brothers?

Q4: Wasn't there an airport out around the Freeman Mall somewhere? Maybe it was across Milwaukee road form the fire, station, but I remember an airport at that area.

Q5: Someone told me that along with other equipment Beloit was famous for early corn shredders. Wasn't a corn shredder invented here?

July 24, 1986

Q1: Where was Sherm's Standard Service? Wasn't it something of a downtown hangout?

Q2: When did the Consumer Milk Company start business and where were they located?

Q3: What's the story on Mechanics Green Park? Wasn't there talk of selling it at one time or another for business development for a large retail store or motel?

Q4: When did electric lighting come to Beloit?

July 26. 1986

Q1: Have you ever heard of an organization called "The Ancient Order of Hiberians?" Weren't they Irish and pretty proud of it?

Q2: Wasn't the Gothic limestone building on the Beloit college campus which houses Logan Museum dedicated as a memorial to Beloit College and community men who fought and died in the Civil War?

Q3: Do you remember back when Beloiters in the springtime went out along rural roads and gathered fresh asparagus? And we found wildflowers, too?

Q4: Did you know that the first operating clothes washer, and many models of the Maytag washing machine were invented in Beloit?

Q5: Didn't Beloit have several hospitals before the present Beloit Memorial hospital on West Hart Road?

Q6: Is it true that A.P. Warner was just as famous for being an early flier and aviator as he was for being the inventor of the speedometer?

Q7: Is it true that the Hamlins and Andersons' jewelry stores are sort of family traditions?

July 29, 1986

Q1: I've heard that Beloit was once the home to a pretty big 'Fairgrounds?' Where was it?

Q2: Wasn't Beloit famous for early farm machinery?

Q3: Has Beloit always had property taxes?

Q4: Who was Dr. Kasten? Didn't he organize Blue Cross?

July 31, 1986

Q1: Beloit area sportsmen always have been conservation minded. When was the Izaak Walton organization founded here?

Q2: Is there any record of children born to early Beloit colonists?

Q3: how far back do law enforcement officials go?

Q4: When was Beloit's first election held? Was that when Beloit became a village?

Q5: Wasn't Bob Edwards editor of The Daily News, and really quite a guy?

August 6, 1986

Q1: Is the Blackhawk Statue along Rock River at Oregon really Blackhawk, or some other Indian?

Q2: Who was David Throne? Wasn't he an old time city employee, and something of a local legend?

Q3: Didn't the Wootton family operate a boat livery at the west end of the Portland Avenue bridge on Second Street?

Q4: I've heard a lot about Butch Krueger as a golfer and baseball player, but didn't Butch have a pretty wonder brother, Lawrence? Wasn't he recreation direction?

August 8, 1986

Q1: Did Beloit ever have a brewery?

Q2: Is the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay still there in all its glory?

Q3: I remember well the old "interurban" which operated between Janesville, Beloit and Rockford. Are there any such systems or cars still running in this area?

Q4: In whose honor is the Grinnell Senior Center on Bluff Street named? Wasn't he a famous military man?

August 12, 1986

Q1: Do you remember the 'crystal sets' we built as kids when radio was in its infancy?

Q2: Didn't Beloit have something to do with the development of refrigerated railroad cars which made national fresh fruit and vegetables distribution possible? And what about "air conditioned" railroad passenger coaches?

Q3: Wasn't Bluff Street once a pretty fancy street with boulevard lights?

Q4: Do you remember anything 'The Baby Hole?' Wasn't that a place to swim?

August 14, 1986

Q1: Isn't it rather unique for a city the size of Beloit to have had two Carnegie libraries? How did it happen?

Q2: Weren't "The Gay Nineties" more prim and proper than gay and carefree?

Q3: When did Beloit first get automobiles to buy through a real agency?

August 16, 1986

Q1: Do you remember the old YMCA Circuses?

Q2: I remember a pageant on campus in front of Middle College sometime between 1920 and 1926. What was the occasion, and when actually was it?

Q3: Your Book of Beloit II mentions two generals from Beloit. They are General William S. Wood, and General Fred Ascani, born and raised here but later a resident of Rockford. Weren't General Farnsworth and General O'Connor also from Beloit?

Q4: Does Beloit have an official 'city seal?'

August 19, 1986

Q1: What is the history, or what was the Beloit College Academy?

Q2: What is the current status of the Beckman Mill and pond that is west of Beloit?

August 26, 1986

Q1: Do you remember a train called "The Zephyr," or do you have any information about it?

Q2: Wasn't Beloit the home of a famous musical composer by the name of Webster?

Q3: Is it true that some of the newspaper writers and editors in recent generations were pretty tame compared with old Chalmers Ingersoll?

Q4: Recently you discussed Lucius G. Fisher as something of 'the father' of Beloit, or at least its leading citizen. I've heard that Sereno T. Merrill fits these things to a "T." How about that?

August 28, 1986

Q1: Is it true that Caravilla between Beloit and Janesville has now or has had a golf course connected with this fine institution?

Q2: In a recent column you mentioned the Irish 'Herbians' and how they marched in parades. Do you remember The Modern Woodmen of America, and how they marched in parades, too?

Q3: Would you tell us about Lucius G. Fisher?

Q4: Can you tell us something about E.L. Chester and about his store explosion and fire?

August 30, 1986

Q1: Can you tell us the date and something about the train wreck collision of two engines right at the old Milwaukee road depot, site of the present Daily News?

Q2: Have you ever heard of the Trask Bridge Picnics?

Q3: Did you know that a lot of people take longs walks in the Beloit Mall for their health? They practically have walking clubs, and everyone knows everyone. But years ago didn't everybody walk, and enjoy better health?

Q4: Is the YWCA older than the Girl Scouts?

Q5: Who was "Hank" Talmadge, who must have been a popular person of the past?

September 2, 1986

Q1: I've heard that Beloit's first bridge charged a toll for wagons and pedestrians. Who built the bridge and where is it?

Q2: What were some of the things that were happening in the year 1936? Things that you won't be writing about in the 'Other Years' column?

Q3: I'm acquainted with retired insurance executive Joe Peet of Beloit, and I believe that one of his relatives founded Beloit College. Could you tell us something about that?

Q4: Since coming to Beloit and joining the rotary club, the name of Dearborn Hutchison has come up several times. Could you give us a biographical sketch?

September 4, 1986

Q1: Back a couple generations every sportsman's club had a "wild game dinner." Did you ever hear of or attend the annual Raccoon dinners at Evansville with Bo Antes was the impresario? (If you did, you'll never forget it!)

Q2: Do you remember the old 'cowboy Serials' at the Rex Theatre on Fourth Street? And some of the old "western' or cowboy stars? Those were the days, eh?

Q3: I've been reading where Beloit (and several other cities) have been losing population in the last two or three census surveys. Did Beloit have a good beginning growth?

Q4: I'd like to know more about Bill Bryden. Didn't he sort of set the standard for service and credibility among auto dealers?

September 9, 1986

Q1: Tell me something about The Gideons. Wasn't a Beloit man involved in the founding of the society?

Q2: Do you recall when the Beloit schools and Fair banks-Morse cooperated to sponsor a "Knot Hole" or "Not Hole" baseball club for kids?

Q3: Do you have information on Archie Telfer, in shoes honor Telfer Park is named? Wasn't he devoted to Beloit?

September 11, 1986

Q1: Tell us something about the Beloit College radio station. When did it go on the air? Was it a full blown station, or a neighborhood affair?

Q2: Do you remember when the North Western Railroad out of Beloit ran excursions to Chicago with a round trip ticket for two dollars?

Q3: Weren't sledding and tobogganing more popular years ago then they are nowadays?

Q4: Bill Guelzow, civil leader and owner at Bredesen's at 431 East Grand Ave. asks: Wasn't there a pool hall about where our store is now located?

September 12, 1986

Q1: How old is the Girl Scout movement in the Beloit community?

Q2: When was the Beloit Legion post organized?

Q3: Remember when we were kids and 'ran barefoot' all summer long? Just before schools opened in the fall we went to the shoe store and got 'fitted for winter?'

September 13, 1986

Q1: Do you remember the old Scout camp along Rock River south of Hononegah Park that we called Camp I-Kun-Ah-Kah-Tai?

September 16, 1986

Q1: Is it true that Colley Road was named after Prof. G.L. Collie? Can you shed any light on where the Colley Road name originated?

Q2: Were there other "Baby Holes" used by kids before Beloit had any swimming pool?

Q3: Do you remember in school when we were appointed 'monitors' to carry out little tasks and duties to make things run smoother in the classroom?

September 18, 1986

Q1: Who was Leon Peterson? Could you tell me more about the Brotherhood Week scholarship award made in his honor?

Q2: Isn't your column geared to all of us old folks? And aren't there more and more of us?

September 23, 1986

Q1: Do you remember when Christmas trees were green and we made all the ornaments?

Q2: Can you tell us something about the Grinnell Senior Center?

September 25, 1986

Q1: You've written up a lot of pageants and celebrations in the last couple of months, but you've said nothing about a big event held on July 4, 1876. Wasn't that a big deal, too?

Q2: Wasn't Wright School named after a rather colorful early Beloiter? And wasn't he also superintendent of schools?

Q3: Lately you've been extolling "The good old days." Were they really so wonderful? Don't you think people are a lot 'better off' now and a lot happier?

September 30, 1986

Q1: Have you heard of a baseball team called The Beloit Nationals? Bob Moses, Eddie Gharrity and Jack Wootton played on that team and they were pretty good.

Q2: Wasn't fishing pretty good a dozen or two ears ago in "the Afton gravel pits?"

Q3: The present Beloit Daily News carries a lot of 'social news,' and reports of engagements and weddings. Did old time papers report such events?

October 2, 1986

Q1: Do you remember a great piano teacher, Mrs. Frederic Gardner? Do you have something about her?

October 8, 1986

Q1: Tell us something about the old Beloit 'Olympians.' Weren't they champions of this area, or the state or something way back?

Q2: Have you attended a family reunion lately? In years gone by a family reunion was the biggest event of the summer, and how they loved them. How come they have faded away?

October 10, 1986

Q1: Do you remember the period when yellow oleomargarine was illegal in Wisconsin, and thousands of Badger state residents traveled into Illinois to buy "artificial butter?"

Q2: Do you remember when Beloit had 'Blue Laws' which prohibited a lot of things on Sunday?

Q3: Do kids in school today still have that wonderful experience called "Show and Tell Time?"

Q4: I didn't know that Strong Stadium was on Hancock Field. Where did that name come from?

October 14, 1986

Q1: Have you ever seen a picture of the Beloit postal workers in 1905?

Q2: How did 4-H work get stated in the county?

Q3: Wasn't there a Beloit pastor expelled form the ministry because he decided to go west with "Forty-Niners" and seek gold in California?

Q4: Do you remember early telephones in Beloit which rang in several households at the same time and people could "listen in" on "party lines?"

Q5: Do you remember a storekeeper in Beloit by the name of John Spyreas? He was a leader among Beloit's Greek residents.

October 16, 1986

Q1: Do you remember when folks made their own ice cream as a Sunday dessert, which was pretty special? And if you had ice cream at holiday time, or for a birthday party that was pretty special too?

Q2: Remember how the cars squealed when they went around corners, especially at Central and Keeler avenues?

Q3: First, we'd like to say "Thanks" for the many, many complimentary letters we have been receiving, letters like one from A.J. Nelson, 1986 Greenview Drive. Mr. Nelson is 91-years old, and writes better stuff than we do. Here's a portion.

October 21, 1986

Q1: With the World Series under way and the coverage by television, do you remember how the public 'saw' the games in the old days on a big scoreboard on Pleasant Street in front of the Daily News?

Q2: Remember when we were kids and went to the Public Library on Saturday morning to hear "The Story Lady?"

Q3: Didn't someone from Beloit invent the typewriter?

Q4: Isn't the Beloit High School student newspaper one of the oldest in the state? And isn't it rated pretty high in journalism circles?

October 24, 1986

Q1: I'd like to know more about Keith Hall of Beloit and Rockton. Wasn't he an inventor, artist and outdoorsman? I remember him as a swimming instructor as a youngster.

Q2: Did you ever know a man by the name of Arthur Roadhouse?

October 25, 1986

Q1: Have you ever seen a real old catalogue?

October 28, 1986

Q1: Didn't Wisconsin become a territory in 1836, after being part of the Northwest, Indiana and Michigan Territories? I know Wisconsin became a state in 1848, but I'm sure it was Wisconsin Territory, too.

October 30, 1986

Q1: Do you remember an old custom in which neighbors held noisy celebrations for newly married couples?

Q2: When did phones come to Beloit?

Q3: did you know Dan Torrisi? He was quite a policeman in his day.

November 4, 1986

Q1: Did you know that at one time many years ago the Beloit Daily News gave away beautiful clocks as circulation promotion gifts?

Q2: It goes without saying that The Manor is a very popular restaurant, but I wonder how many Beloiters (including the natives) know the background of this mansion. This should be of interest to us all.

November 6, 1986

Q1: Did you ever "roll you own" cigarettes? This was popular once among the young blades of the community, and I've heard that "even the girls" rolled their own, too.

Q2: Do you remember when we were kids and our folks bought us our first pair of long pants? The first time we wore long pants after long black stockings and knickers was a day to remember.

Q3: When we were kids we heated hard coals and coke. Do you recall this period?

November 8, 1986

Q1: Is it true that Wisconsin's famous state song, "On, Wisconsin!" almost became "On Minnesota!"

Q2: Viola Duhem of Caledonia, Ill. Writes a great letter about her affection for Beloit, and her consternation over the appellation "The Petunia City."

Q3: Do you remember the days when crews harvested ice on Rock River north of the old Portland Avenue Bridge?

Q4: Have you ever heard of rabbit hunting using ferrets?

November 11, 1986

Q1: What can you tell us about the Beloit Kiwanis Club's annual "Pancake Day?"

Q2: Weren't there early steamboats on Rock River which moved people and goods up and down the river? That must have been before bridges and dams were built, but I've heard steamboat stories.

November 14, 1986

Q1: Do you remember your first bicycle?

Q2: Do you remember when the Morris Chair was in style, and all the best homes had one?

November 19, 1986

Q1: Do you remember the gala "Feather Parties" held in sough Beloit just prior to Thanksgiving?

Q2: Do you remember the annual Thanksgiving Poem contest sponsored by the Beloit Daily News and the Federated Churches of Beloit?

November 24, 1986

Q1: Miles Young, a resident of The Carlyle, writes an interesting letter, asking some questions and providing some information on the old Turtle Race.

Q2: When are you going to write something about the Marbles Tournaments?

Q3: Do you remember "home movies" and how we took reels and reels of movies on vacation trips, and when our kids were growing up?

November 25, 1986

Q1: Are there any other men left in Beloit who as kids worked in the concession stands at the Fairies baseball games? If there are, I don't know them, and would like to hear about them.

Q2: William Ambrose Hulbert founded the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs in 1876. Do you know anything about Bill Hulbert?

Q3: Do you recall when homes were lighted by kerosene lamps and candles?

December 1, 1986

Q1: Do you remember the fun we used to have with silly 'Knock Knock' jokes, "puns," and "limericks?"

Q2: Do you remember those happy days when we made and flew kites? And when we made one all by ourselves, and it actually stayed up there in these sky?

Q3: What kind of wagon was a Conestoga Wagon? Where did it originate? Was it common here?

December 5, 1986

Q1: Do you remember when young fellows used to "run trap lines" around Beloit, picking up a few dollars for their muskrat, mink, rabbits and fox pelts?

Q2: Did you ever see an Ingersoll "Dollar Watch?"

Q3: Did you ever have an Erector set?

December 9, 1986

Q1: Have you ever heard of Barney Oldfield?

Q2: Did you ever play croquet? Remember when it was the most popular Sunday afternoon game around?

December 11, 1986

Q1: On Riverside Drive there is a park, Eddy Armstrong Park. I often wondered how it got this name.

Q2: Do you remember about when Broad Street was paved?

Q3: Now that "the flu season" is here, do you remember "home remedies" for colds and such?

December 19, 1986

Q1: Do you remember when "talkie movies" came to Beloit?

Q2: Do you recall the stories of the life and times of John Kline?

December 22, 1986

Q1: Matty Austin writes in about "Marathon Dances"

Q2: What can you tell us about "old time dance band singers" in the Beloit area?

December 26, 1986

Q1: Have you ever seen any of the fancy Dance programs in use in Beloit 50, 60, and 70 years ago?

Q2: Do you remember when making fudge, taffy apples and popcorn balls was an indoor sport?

Q3: Did you know that Yost Park was the scene of some famous baseball contests?

December 31, 1986

Q1: Can you remember when you first started shaving? And did you ever have a beard?

Q2: Do you remember those long licorice sticks we got for a penny at the grocery store?