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Selected Subject Headings (S-Z)

Contents of finding aids and inventories are subject to changes and updates as necessary.

Scholarships Charles Winter Wood, Presidential, Marjorie Leff, Music, American Field Service Youth for Understanding, Trustee, Joseph College, Miller Upton, The Greater Minneapolis Area Alumni, Kemper Foundation, Porter Scholars, Rhodes Scholars. 1962-ongoing
Scholars Program Board Meeting minutes, correspondence. 1958-1959
Sciences General and Chamberlin Science Club
Scrapbooks Draft inventory. Page-level inventories to some scrapbooks also available.
Security --
Senior Bench See Mortar Board or Buildings.
Social Science Lab Brochure. 1980s
Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education at the West Pamphlet publications. Late 19th century. Finding aid.
Songs and Songbooks Various songbooks from 19th century to present, sheet music of school songs and songs used in services
Speakers 19th century-present, convocations, meetings, visiting lectures, and correspondence
Special Interest Housing Community Senate, meetings, and surveys
Sports Listings by sport; athletic organizations, including intercollegiate sports teams, intramurals, clubs, Athletics Department, Midwest Conference, Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Association, programs, news clippings, news releases, team records, statistics, rosters, schedules. 1851-ongoing. Draft finding aid.
STASH (Student Association of the Study of Hallucinogens) Papers, president's file 1960s-1990s. Draft inventory.
Student Engagement and Leadership Publications, events, flyers, guides, and club directories, trivia contest, Student Affairs 1996-1997 staff directory, Travel Series, Student Union. 1910s-ongoing
Student Government Community Senate, committees, clubs, elections, restructuring, SABE, etc.
Student Politics and Protest --
Student Symposium Programs and planning documentation for the annual student symposia, including the general research symposium, the international symposium, summer symposium. 1976-ongoing. Finding aid.
Subscriptions to the College --
Student Theses, Papers, and Projects --
Summer School Bulletins Holdings by year
Television Beloit Public Access, budget, correspondence, news clippings, handbook and show listings
Theatre Photographs of and programs for plays performed at the college by both student and professional troupes, including the Beloit College Players, New American Theatre, Court Theatre, the Festival Theatre program, and other visiting groups, press releases, ads, newspaper clippings, and information on student groups, photographs of productions of Greek Plays from the mid-to-late 1800s. 1869-ongoing. Finding aid.
TRIO Educational Development Program (EDP), Help Yourself, McNair Scholars, Student Support Services, Upward Bound programs. Brochures, memos, applications, reports, newsletters, certificates, memos. 1987-ongoing. Draft finding aid.
Treasurer Balance sheets, general statements of income and expenses, exhibits of funds. These reports for the Board of Trustees. 1891-1950. Finding aid.
Trustees Directories, correspondence and general information, minutes and trustee files 1869-present. Draft inventory.
Tuition Scholarship certificates, tuition receipts, articles. Late 1800s, 1987-1996
Turtle Mound Society Secret fraternity roster, minutes and member listings 1900-1961. Finding aid.
Vespers and Chapel Services Programs by year. 1898-1971
Voluntary Action Center Membership, history, annual reports, register, survey, logbook and flyers
Volunteer Tutoring Service Articles, correspondence, Helen Kolb paper. 1969-1986
Wisconsin Colleges Associated Bulletin, Speakers' Handbook. 1918-1922
Women at Beloit College Coeducation and alphabetical listing, and coming of the coed, Womyn's Center, Women's Studies, Women's Governance, Panhellenic Council, Women's Self-Government Association (WSGA), IAWS, AWS, and House Council. Finding aid.
Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Fellowship recipient list. 1953-1964
World Affairs Center (WAC) International education, World Outlook Program, Center for Language Studies (CLS), and Central European Teaching Program (CETP). Draft finding aid.
World War I Military service records for Beloit College and other local community members, articles, correspondence, faculty and trustee meeting minutes, photographs, and pamphlets about various aspects of Beloit College's involvement in World War I. 1917-1922. Finding aid.
World War II College courses, newspaper clippings, history of 95th Army Air Force College Training Division, photos, Committee on Military Service records. Finding aid. Round Table article list.
Wright Museum of Art Collections, exhibits, administrative papers, Beloit Art League, accession forms. Draft inventory.
YMCA of Beloit College Constitution and general information


 Selected Subject Headings

  • A-C: Academic to Curriculum
  • D-L: Dance to Logan
  • M-R: Madeline to Rules
  • S-Z: Scholarships to YMCA