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Selected Subject Headings (A-C)

Contents of finding aids and inventories are subject to changes and updates as necessary.

Academic Council 1954-1957 logbooks
Academic Honor Societies Includes records from Alpha Lambda Delta, Artus (Omicron Delta Gamma), Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Theta Alpha Phi. Finding aid.
Academic Policy Committee Notes, minutes, agendas related to curriculum offerings, course catalog, honors term proposals. See also Academic Senate. Finding aid.
Academic Senate 1849-1976 bound meeting minutes. 1969-2010 meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, notes. Finding aid.
Administrative Policy Manual Beloit College’s official policy manuals, variously published under such titles as "Administrative Regulations," "Laws," "Administrative Rules," and "Administrative Policy Manual." 1849-ongoing. Finding aid.
Admissions Committee meetings and reports, applications, fact books, mailings and brochures, Admissions Newsletter. 1910s-2012. Finding aid.
Advising Advisor's Handbook, Advisor's Manual. 1970-1971, 1986-1987
Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Mostly documents from or published by the ACM itself; reports authored by Beloit students as part of the ACM Central American Field Studies Program. Finding aid.
Affiliate Artists A program that funded an artist for several campus visits a year. Programs, clippings, festival, and brochures
Affirmative Action Program document, 1977
Aims and Tenets brochures circa 1924-1942
Alethean Society Founded December, 1859; five volumes of hand written minutes. See Forensics.
Alliance Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)
Alumni Classes and Organizations Class books and records; alumni directories and registers; organizations (Alumni Association, Alumni Council, etc.); mailings; reunions and homecoming. Finding aid.
Am Yisrael-Chevrah Club Letters, events, flyers, meeting minutes 1986-2009. Finding aid.
Anniversaries Reports, speeches, programs, and other paraphernalia from college anniversaries, particularly the centennial and sesquicentennial. Inventory.
Annual Reports 1906-present. Draft finding aid.
Anthropology Anthropology Club 1968-1985 records and minutes; Anthropology Department correspondence, press releases, clippings, directories, Field Studies Reunion, reports, Anthropology at Beloit newsletter 1982, 1985, 2001
Archaean Union Minutes, records 1848-1890s, letters, addresses and flyers. See Forensics.
Argonne Semester Student papers, memos, reports, 1959-1966. Finding aid.
Art Department Departmental literature, articles, flyers. 1920-1993
Arts Co-op Flyers, oral history report, microcassettes
Artus Finance reports, 1924-25 minutes, fraternity directory. See Academic Honor Societies.
Asian Studies Program Departmental literature, AsiaNetwork Exchange, Associated China Program, correspondence, articles, Prof. Supita Sen records, student work. 1987-1998
Baccalaureate Service Programs 1900-present. See Commencement.
Bells and Clocks faculty minutes, Round Table articles, correspondence. 1848-1951
Beloit Alabama Trips, correspondence, news clippings
Beloit College Academy Registers, grade books, catalogues, publications (Junta Climax), alumni correspondence, transcripts, articles, minutes for Beloit Academy (aka Preparatory Department). Finding aid.
Beloit Area Materials relating to Beloit and its vicinity, spreading as far out as the state of Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Includes newspapers, government documents (reports, minutes, laws and ordinances), census data, directories, photographs, 19th century handbills, event programs and planning materials, record books, publications, maps, records on local buildings, businesses, churches, citizens, clubs and organizations, genealogical records, history, laws, parks, politics, schools, amongst other topics. Draft finding aid.
Beloit College Bulletin General information issued yearly from 1941-1949
Beloit College Register Records. 1847-1918
Beloit International Club See World Affairs Center.
Beloit Plan Evaluations, studies, exams, UCC reports, Field Term histories
Beloit Seminary Records, constitution, registrar and catalogue, student list. Finding aid.
Beloit Tutoring Center --
Biology Department Beloit Biologist 1960-present (publications)
Bioquest 1989-present notes, papers and correspondence
BISEP (Beloit Internship Summer Employment Program) Program information
Black Demands See Civil Rights
Black Students See Civil Rights
Book Store Articles, computer ads, brochures, plastic bag, design ideas. 1899-2004
Buildings Materials related to the planning, construction, dedication, and renovations of, as well as articles and
correspondence about various buildings at Beloit College. Finding aid.
Burr Training School Articles, paper. 1927-1939, 1985
Cafes and Coffee Houses Coughy Haus (C-Haus), Breeze Café, Java Joint. Flyers, Round Table Articles, correspondence, training manual, financial info. 1990s-2000s. Finding aid.
Calendars Weekly, academic, events, term, master and others from 1902-1906, 1930-present. Finding aid.
Cannabis Club correspondence, financial information, flyers, "The Clarion" newsletter, educational materials. 1993-1995. Finding aid.
Catalogue Complete collection from 1849-present
Center for Management Services Hinkley Engine Project 1969-1975 correspondence, publications and records. Finding aid.
Chamberlin Springs --
Chapin Society 1966-2009: Annual meetings/dinners invitations, programs, attendee lists, award winner lists, correspondence; annual member lists. Finding aid.
Charter and By-laws The college charter and ensuing changes and amendments 1846-present, Charter Day
Chemistry Department Brochures, correspondence, press releases, departmental literature, Chemistry Club
Circle K Constitution and By-Laws, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan meeting minutes, correspondence, member lists. 1988-1992. Finding aid.
Civil Rights Black demands of 1969, marches, papers, President Miller Upton files, newspaper articles, administrative meetings, lists of students, and letters 1957-1970
Civil War Records of students, faculty, and the college's involvement with letters, photos, papers, and registers. 1854-1965, 2005. Finding aid.
Cliosophic Literary Society 1896-1908 minutes. See Forensics.
College Council 1970-71 meetings, discussions
College Examiner 1967-1970 trends and issues. See Institutional Research.
College Skills Center Memos, workshop schedules, informational flyers. 1982-1990
Collie Walk Articles, organizational materials. 1983-1996
Coloring Book 1983-1984, 1996
Commencement Programs from 1851-present, Baccalaureate service, Class Day exercises programs from 1886-1911. Finding aid.
Committee on Public Occasions 1930s-40s meetings, processions, attendance, and news clippings
Communications Department Departmental literature, 1982-1986
Community Days and Heritage Days Schedules, posters, articles. 1986-1992
Computers (incl. Information Technology Services) Departmental literature, articles, Computer Newsletter, memos, 1973-1998
Comparative Literature --
Continuing Education Program Rock River Community College 1940s-60s meeting minutes; Nine O'clock Scholars
Convocation Opening Convocation, announcements, procession lists, invitations, programs, news clippings, and audiovisuals. 1933-2011. Finding aid.
Credit Union Memos, Board of Directors meeting minutes, flyers, brochures. 1944-1996
Crime --
Curriculum Registrar, proposals, reports, planning, committees 1940s-1994, 1907-1996 recitation schedules, course schedules and listings. First Year Initiative (FYI): 1980s-present course offerings, committee meetings, questionnaires, minutes, background on Beloit Plan. Summer school programs and offerings. Finding aid.


    Selected Subject Headings

  • A-C: Academic to Curriculum
  • D-L: Dance to Logan
  • M-R: Madeline to Rules
  • S-Z: Scholarships to YMCA