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Beloit Poetry Journal

Founded at Beloit College in the Fall of 1950, the Beloit Poetry Journal has become an independent journal of renown in the poetry world. Though it has since moved to Maine, members of the Beloit faculty continue to serve on its Board of Directors. Through their initiative, a collection of contemporary American poetry was begun, and the College Library has acquired several hundred volumes of poetry and small-press chapbooks from the Beloit Poetry Journal. The collection maintains back-files of numerous literary journals that include poetry, fiction, and criticisms. Many of these are currently bound and shelved in the periodical stacks. The Beloit Poetry Journal Collection is designed as a resource for the student of contemporary American Literature, with a particular emphasis on poetry.

The Beloit Poetry Journal prints seasonally, and is currently based out of Maine. It is composed of entries from a variety of poets, who write in different forms and styles.

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