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William M. Jones

Excerpt from: Beloit Daily News (May 13, 1965)
American Music Has Its Day at State Convention

     American music has come of age, Dr. William M. Jones, chairman of the department of music at Beloit college, commented Wednesday afternoon as he addressed the Wisconsin State Federation of Music Clubs audience following the American music luncheon in the First Congregational chapel. As recently as 30 years ago, symphonies and opera companies performing in this country depended almost entirely on foreign talent and the works of foreign musicians, he noted.

     Today the picture has changed and the Atlantic has become a two-way street with so many capable American artists receiving ovations abroad that many Europeans countries are setting up quota limiting the number of American performers in order to protect their own talent.

     Symphonies in American now are staffed almost entirely by Americans, the speaker said, and Europeans are coming to music centers in this country to study. American composer have achieved a status of equality with foreigners and are creating music worth doing.

     Dr. Jones reported that about 30 per cent of music included in programs given at Beloit College during the past year by American composers.

     There is no distinct American school of music, however, he declared saying that composers today are classified in modes of composition, similar in this country and abroad. The objective of all is to create music.


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