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Stephen Peet

Rev. Stephen Peet, Yale '23, was a chief founder of Beloit College, first visiting the future site of the campus while making a missionary journey on horseback throughout Wisconsin. Rev. Peet was a pioneer missionary to the Middle West, and is known for the important role he played in establishing the Chicago Thelogical Seminary and many churches in Wisconsin, as well as his contributions to Beloit College. His Wife was Martha Denison of Stonington, Ct., and their son, Rev. Dr. Stephen Denison Peet was one of three members of Beloit's first graduating class in 1851.





Examples of Archives Holdings:

       - Articles about
       - Batavia Institute charter
       - Biographies
       - Church publications & histories of Beloit area
       - Correspondence
       - Essays (1821-22)
       - Hand-written notes
       - Histories
       - Information on family
       - History of Stephen Peet and Stephen D. Peet (including family info)
       - Memoranda booklets (1849)
       - Newspaper clippings
       - Obituaries
       - Personal documents
       - Photographs
       - Real estate documents
       - Sermons