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Ralph Emerson

Excerpted from The Ipswich Emersons, A.D. 1636-1900: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Emerson of Ipswich, Mass. with Some Account of His English Ancestry by Benjamin Kendall Emerson:

     RALPH EMERSON, son of Daniel and Ama (Fletcher) Emerson, was born at Hollis, N. H., 18 August, 1787, and died at Rockford, Ill., 20 May, 1863. He married, 27 November, 1817, Eliza Rockwell. She was born at Colebrook, Conn., 25 March, 1797, and died at Rockford, Ill., 11 December, 1875. They resided at Norfolk, Conn., Andover and Newburyport, Mass., and Rockford, Ill.

     Mr. Emerson was graduated at Yale college with the class of 1811, of which he delivered the valedictory oration. He studied theology at the Andover (Mass.) seminary, graduating in 1814, in which year he was appointed a tutor at Yale college, where he remained till 1816, when he was ordained and settled over the Congregational church at Norfolk, Conn. He remained there, as pastor, until 1829, when he was appointed Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral Theology at the Andover seminary. He continued in that position till 1854, a period of twenty-five years. After a five years' residence at Newburyport, Mass., he removed to Rockford, Ill. His last sickness was painful and lingering, but borne with the cheerfulness which characterized his life. His body rests in the cemetery at Beloit, Wis., in a spot selected by himself. At the decease of Mrs. Emerson, her body was laid at rest beside his. His funeral sermon was preached by his son-in-law, Rev. Joseph Haven, D.D., Professor at the Chicago Theological seminary.

     Those who remembered Dr. Emerson, as a pastor at Norfolk, cherished a most loving regard for him. He was happy not only in the love of his people, but was held in affectionate esteem by the neighboring churches and ministers. As a teacher, he was remarkable for the faithful, accurate discharge of the strictly professional duty pertaining to his position, and for the sincere interest he took in the welfare and character of his pupils. As a public man, Dr. Emerson kept steadily, as one engrossing thought, the administration of events which he regarded as ever tending towards the establishment of the heavenly kingdom. He was firmly attached to the federal union, and the great principles of righteousness and liberty, upon which he felt it was founded and sustained.

     Mr. Emerson received the degree of D. D. from Yale college in 1830. He was a frequent contributor to the Bibliotheca Sacra, to the Christian Spectator and other religious periodicals. In 1834, he wrote the Life of Rev. Joseph Emerson, which was published by Crocker & Brewster, of Boston; and, later, he published a translation, with notes, of Wiggin's Augustinianism and Pelagianism.


       - i. DANIEL, b. 20 Aug. 1818; d. 16 Dec., 1893; m. (1) 9 Apr., 1844, Harriet N. Wilcox; (2) Sep., 1877, H. N. Rockwell. Res. North Kingsville, Ohio.
       - ii. MARY, b. 22 Nov., 1819; d. 31 Dec., 1896; m. 23 Sep., 1840 Joseph Haven. Res. Chicago, Ill.
       - iii. JOSEPH, b. 28 May, 1821; m. (1) Sep., 1852, Mary C. North; (2) 9 Jul., 1884, Helen F. Brace. Res. Beloit, Wis.
       - iv. SOLOMON ROCKWELL, b. 27 Feb., 1823; d. 21 Jun., 1878; m. Mary Hawley. Res. New York, N. Y.
       - v. SAMUEL, b. 9 May, 1827. Res. Charlottesville, Va.
       - vi. RALPH, b. 3 May, 1831; m.7 Sep., 1858, Adaline E. Talcott. Res. Rockford, Ill.
       - vii. EBENEZER PORTER, b. 14 Aug., 1834; d. 25 Aug., 1891. Res. Rockford, Ill.
       - viii. ELIZABETH, b. 15 Feb. 1836; m. 9 Oct., 1865, Simon J. Humphrey. Res. Oak Park, Ill.
       - ix. CHARLOTTE, b. 21 Apr., 1838; d. Feb., 1895; m. 27 Jul., 1880, William B. Brown. Res. E. Orange, N. J.

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