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Montagu F. Modder

Excerpted from a student paper:

     Prof. Montagu F. Modder was widely known as the author of the famous book, The Jew in the Literature of England, one of the seven works of this type in English Literature. This book was published in 1939 by the Jewish Publication Society of America, and without a doubt was the greatest intellectual achievement of Professor Modder who spent much of his life in the teaching and study of English.

     Mr. Modder was born of British parents in the Island of Ceylon on Nov. 24, 1891. His early education was acquired in England, and he obtained his bachelor's degree at the University of Cambridge. After several years of traveling in Europe, China, Japan, the Holy Land and Mesopotamia, he attended Clark University, Yale University, and the University of Michigan for graduate study.

     From 1920 to 1921 Mr. Modder served as an instructor in history and english at the Menden High School in Menden, Conn. The next five years were spent as an associate professor of English at Miami Universiy, Oxford. Mr. Modder then taught at West Virginia University and Michigan University, and in 1935 was appointed to the Beloit College faculty as an associate professor of English. He won a faculty research prize of $100 at Beloit in 1938, and was raised to a full professorship.

     As a member of the Beloit College faculty, Professor Modder served as the secretary of the special honors committee. He was also active on both the library and rules committees. He taught freshman English, Victorian Poetry, Shakespearean Drama, and English composition. He was a great student of Shakespeare, and one of the most interesting courses offered in the college curriculum was his interpretation of Shakespeare's plays.

     Mr. Modder married Miss Mary Work in 1927; twelve years later the couple adopted baby twin daughters, Ann and Lucy. Professor and Mrs. Modder were members of the First Congregational Church of Beloit. The Modder's Beloit residence was at 924 Chapin Street.


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