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Miles P. Squier

From: Trustee Minutes (July 1866)

     Rev. M. P. Squier D.D. late Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy in this College, having been removed by death since our last annual meeting, and his sympathies, gifts, counsels, labors and Prayers, having been largely identified with the foundation and building of the College, the Board of Trustees desire [sic] to put on record an expression of their high esteem for his character, and grateful acknowledgement for the good work he was priviledged to do: As also our sympathy with his bereaved family, therefore, Resolved: That while we unite with his more immediate family circle in sorrow that we shall see his face no more, we also unite in thankful remembrance, of all the blessings with which his life was filed, and that we will cherish his memory, as a part of the history of this College and as an encitement to such enthusiasm in Christian aspiration, action and thought, as so eminently distinguished his life.

Resolved -- That the Secretary communicate this action to the Board of Trustees, to the widow of Professor Squier, with the assurance of our deep and tender sympathy with her in her bereavement, praying that the grace of our Heavenly Father, may be sufficient for her in this great trial.


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