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Marion H. Hedges

Excerpt from: The Bulletin of Beloit College (Jan 1959)

     Marion H. Hedges, professor of English from 1913 to 1920, died January 6 of a heart attack in Thomas Park, Md., near Washington where he had lived for some time. While he was teaching at Beloit, his novel The Iron City was published and aroused a great deal of controversy because of the similarity of the locale and characters to Beloit and Beloit citizens. After leaving Beloit he was a reporter on the Minneapolis newspaper for four years and later became well known in government circles as an expert in labor relations and economic and social planning, being awarded a gold medal by the National Planning Association. He was one of the founders of the National Economic and Social Planning Association, and as an undergraduate at DePauw, one of the founders of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism fraternity. He continued writing and in 1928 Dan Minturn was published; in 1932 A Strikeless Industry.


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