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John Pitt Deane

Excerpted from: The Gold (1933, p.12)

     If you have ever been confined to the Municipal Hospital by an illness of any kind you probably appreciated the visit of Prof. John Pitt Deane, who makes it a part of his business of living to cheer up other folks. Professor Deane, or "Johnnie Pitt" as he is called, came to Beloit College in 1907, and since that time has taught Biblical Literature and Classics in an attractive manner. It takes a good man to recreate the past in an understandable and interesting manner and Professor Deane can fit the bill. Professor Deane reminds us of Norman Thomas and his life in several incidents has been similar. Both "Johnny Pitt" and Thomas were ministers and have come to be strong advocates of liberal thought. We've learned alot from Professor Deane in the matter of looking at social problems and creating a world with the maximum degree of happiness for the greatest number of persons concerned.

     Professor Deane fills the pulpits in the vicinity from time to time and is called on to do considerable speaking. He, too [viz., like Mr. Richardson, just descibed], is a member of the Six O'clock Club, and is prominent in community affairs, having taken an active part in the presidential campaign last fall.


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