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Ivan McKinley Stone

Excerpted from: Beloit Daily News (April 17, 1987)
Prof. Stone widened horizons for Beloit

     Prof. Stone was widely known as an international affairs expert, having served as an officer of the U.S. State Department both in Washington, D.C., and in Europe. He was a member of the State Department delegation in San Francisco when the United Nations Charter was written. And beyond all that, Dr. Stone had his feet on the ground in Beloit, Wis., working with the business community, clubs and organizations, and as a frequent speaker.

     The Beloit Daily News of August 27, 1972, carried a glowing editorial tribute to Dr. Stone, praising his ideals of good citizenship, and his interest in community affairs. "He gave generously of his time and talent in behalf of civic and college causes," the editorial says. "As much as any man, he contributed to mutually beneficial relations between the campus and the townspeople."

     During his long career at Beloit College, from which he retired in 1970, Dr. Stone served as a widely popular teacher, and was chairman of the government department as well as the college's international relations concentration. He is credited with directing an uncommonly large number of his students into careers related to world affairs.

     The Daily News says: "An eternally optimistic man whose interests and teachings rose above world politics to embrace all countries and concerns, Dr. Stone had a special gift for teaching both the letter and the essence of his subjects. His rapport with young people, despite their changing character, was unusual. He was scholarly in his role as teacher, yet he managed never to take himself nor the challenges of his profession too seriously, although he had and conveyed a deep respect for the broad field of world affairs."

     In 1964, when Beloit College expanded its "World Outlook Program," Dr. Stone was named first director of the school's Pettibone World Outlook Center. Over many years, as Col. Florey suggests, he conducted numerous seminars in international relations in Europe, and directed Beloit College students in overseas study groups. For all this the college honored him with an honorary doctor's degree.

     Dr. Stone also served as dean of the college for some years, continuing to teach courses in government.

     A Phi Beta Kappa honors graduate of the University of Nebraska, Prof. Stone went on to earn his master's and doctorate from the University of Illinois. He was prominent in many professional organizations, including service as president of both the North Central Association of Academic Deans, and as a member of the executive council of the American Society of International Law, and the Midwest Political Science Association. Prior to joining the Beloit faculty, Dr. Stone taught at the universities of Nebraska, California, and Illinois.

     Ivan McKinley Stone was the kind of teacher who opened the eyes of his students. He expanded their vision, and widened their horizons. He made them see the world; look beyond boundaries. He encouraged them to hold themselves above political and ideological considerations.

     Dr. Stone was a believer in the universal dignity and goodness of peoples and nations. He lived this belief, and transmitted it to those he met in his daily life and to his stuents. In so doing, he did high service to his profession ... and mankind.

     He was elected to Beloit's "Hall of Fame" maintained by the Greater Beloit Association of Commerce and the Beloit Historical Society in 1983.


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