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Frank Logan

Excerpt from: Beloit Alumnus (October 7, 1931)

     Mr. Frank G. Logan, friend and trustee of Beloit College, observed his eightieth birthday, October 7, quietly at his home, 1150 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. A beautiful hand engrossed testimonial was presented to him to him in the behalf of the trustees, students and alumni of Beloit College.

     The alumni owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. Logan. He was not a Beloit student as we were, yet the College would not have reached its present position of power and prestige had it not been for the continued generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Logan through the long years of his trusteeship.

     We take this occasion to extend our congratulations to Dr. Logan and wish for him and Mrs. Logan added years in which to enjoy the fruits of their investments in education and art.

     Following is the text of the testimonial presented to Dr. Logan on the occasion of his 80th birthday: To Frank Granger Logan, LL. D., for forty years a trustee of Beloit College, donor and benefactor of the Logan Museum, donor of the Hancock Athletic Field, founder of the department of Anthropology in Beloit College, unfolder of the life of ancient man, devoted friend, helpful citizen, the Board of Trustees, the Faculty, and the Student Body and the Alumni Association of Beloit College send congradulations and greetings on this, his Eightieth birthday, with affectionate gratitude for the contribution of Dr. and Mrs. Logan and of their children to the life of Beloit College and with good wishes for many years of happiness and of pleasant fruitage.


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