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Forest Emberson Calland

Obituary by W. Phillips (December 1936):

     So much a part of the Beloit college circle was Prof. Forest Emberson Calland that students for years had affectionately known him as "Pa." During his 36 years of teaching here he popularized the classical field, and two of his Latin classes -- Word Derivation and Roman Antiquities -- were always over-crowded.

     Students who never were in Prof. Calland's classes knew him because of his association with the campus book store or because of too-infrequent talks in chapel. His witticisms traveled the length of the campus the same day they were uttered, and he always had a cheery greeting for students when he met them.

     Born Oct. 13, 1868 in Summerfield, O., he attended the Summerfield high school from 1883-1887, the Drury college academy from 1887-1889 and Drury college from 1889 to 1893. Drury awarded him a bachelor of arts degree in 1893, a master of arts degree in 1897 and a Litt. D. in 1922. He attended Yale university from 1895-1897, the University of Chicago during the 1900 summer session, the American School of Classical Studies in Rome, and the summer session at the University of Berlin in 1908. He also attended the University of Wisconsin during the summer of 1915.

     He was graduated from Drury with summa cum laude honors. He was a member of Epsilon Tau Pai, local social fraternity, and the Philoprotian Literary society, and participated in debating, oratory, public speaking contests, and tennis. He was editor of his college paper for two years.

     From 1893 to 1895 he taught Latin and mathematics at Drury academy and from 1897 to 1900 he was an instructor in Latin and American history at the Beloit College academy. He was named to the Beloit College faculty in 1900. During his term at Beloit he was chairman of several faculty committees, and since 1919 was in charge of the book store.

     He is a member of the Classical Association of the Middlewest and South, the Latin League of Wisconsin Colleges, Phi Beta Kappa, national honorary scholastic fraternity, and the National Geographic Society.

     On June 22, 1898 he was married to Ethel Margaret Marvin, who survives, as do the following children: Margaret Taylor, 33, Lucretia Marvin, 26, and Richard Horton, 24. He is a member of the First Congregational church of Beloit. His father, William Calland, was a native of Scotland, while his mother, Maria Jane Horton Calland, was of English parentage.


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