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Edward C. Fuller

Edward C. Fuller, 78, died on May 9, 1986, in Beloit, Wisconsin. He had long been active in Division of Chemical Education affairs, chairing committees on the teaching of chemistry and on curriculum, then serving as Chairman of the Division in 1962-1963. He also served as a member of the Advisory Board for Chemical & Engineering News in 1969. His contributions to chemical education include serving as a visiting consultant to high schools and colleges in an ACS-NSF program in 1958-1963, participating in the development of the Chemical Bond Approach high school curriculum, promoting the development of combined physics-chemistry introductory courses, publishing the text Chemistry and Man's Environment for non-science students in 1974, and helping to found the Midwest Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges.

     With his undergraduate work at Montana State University and graduate work at Columbia University, he taught at Montana State and Columbia Universities, Bard and Champlain Colleges, served as an administrative aid in the Manhattan Project and as President of Bard College in 1946-1950, then chaired the Chemistry Department at Beloit College from 1953 until his formal retirement in 1973. Following his retirement, he continued to teach a chemistry course for non-science students through 1982.

     A constant theme in Ed Fuller's teaching, writing, and curriculum development efforts, both for science and non-science students, was to show how chemistry is related to what happens in society and how it connects with the rest of science and technology.


Examples of Archives Holdings:
       - Biographical information
       - Information on wife and daughter
       - Interview (1971)
       - Obituaries
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