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Caroline L. Burr

Excerpt from: "In Memoriam," Edward Dwight Eaton Chapel Founders' Day Vespers, Beloit College, (Sunday, February 9, 1964).

     Few persons have better represented the rich spiritual, cultural, and social traditions of Beloit's New England heritage than Caroline L. Burr. The daughter of a noted Beloit teacher, Miss Burr was herself an active contributor to the educational and cultural life of the Beloit community and college for three quarters of a century. From 1920 until 1943 she served as curator of the college art hall--first in South College and later in its new home--the Theodore Lyman Wright Art Hall. Her leadership and devotion were instrumental not only in planning and raising funds for this building, but in making the museum a unique center of community artistic life. She is remembered as a knowledgeable art connoisseur, a gracious hostess, and a warm friend of countless community adults and young people. Her participation in the life of the college carried over into civic service thorough work with the Beloit Historical Society, the Beloit Art League, and the First Congregational Church which she served as a member for 78 years.




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