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Horace White Collection Inventory

Box I: 1754-1846

  1. Some Considerations on the Keeping of Negroes By: John Woolman 1754
  2. Journal of the National Republican Convention, which Assembled in the City of Baltimore, Dec. 12, 1831. 1831
  3. Journal of the Proceedings of the National Republican Convention, Held as Worcester, October 11, 1832. 1832
  4. Proceedings of the National Republican Convention of Young Men, which Assembled on the City of Washington, May 7, 1832. 1832
  5. The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 and '99 with Jefferson's Original Draught Thereof, Also, Madison's Report. By: Jonathan Elliot 1832
  6. Review of the Slave Question, Extracted from the American Quarterly Review, Dec. 1832. By: A Virginian 1833
  7. Discussion on American Slavery, In Dr. Wardlaw's Chapel, between Mr. George Thompson, and the Rev. R. J. Breckinridge, of Baltimore, United States, on the Evenings of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th June 1836. By: George Gallie 1836
  8. A Sermon, Delivered Before the Anti-Slavery Society of Haverhill, Mass. August 1836. By: Rev. David Root 1836
  9. The War in Texas;A Review of Facts and Circumstances, Showing that this Contest is the Result of a Long Premeditated Crusade Against the Government, Set on Foot by Slaveholders, Land Speculators, with the View of Re-establishing, Extending and Perpetuating the System of Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Republic of Mexico. 1836
  10. Senate No. 50 Report on the Annexation of Texas to the United States. 1838
  11. Remarks on the Slavery Question, in a Letter to Jonathan Phillips, ESQ. By: William E. Channing 1839
  12. Seventh Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the MASS. Anti-Slavery Society. 1839
  13. Emancipation By: William E. Channing 1841
  14. An Address By: William E. Channing 1842
  15. The Duty of the Free States, or Remarks Suggested in the Case of the Creole. Part 1&2 By; William E. Channing 1842
  16. Excursion through the Slave States from Washington on the Potomac to the Frontier of Mexico; with Sketches of Popular Manners and Geological Notices. By: G. W. Featherstonhaugh, F.R.S., F.G.S 1844
  17. Report of the Trial of Thomas Wilson Dorr for Treason By: B. F. Moore 1844
  18. Thoughts on the Proposed Annexation of Texas to the United States- Veto By: Theodore Sedgwick 1844
  19. History and Record of the proceedings of the People of Lexington and its Vicinity in the Suppression of the "True American" 1845
  20. Narrative of the Sufferings of Lewis Clarke, During a Captivity of More then Twenty-Five Years among the Algerines of Kentucky 1845
  21. Remarks of Mr. Yancy of Alabama on Mr. C. J. Ingersoll's Resolutions of Inquiry into the Conduct of Daniel Webster, in Expending the Contingent Fund while Secretary of State. 1846

Box II: 1847-1860

  1. Speech of the Hon. Lewis Cass, of Michigan on the Wilmot Proviso. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Monday March 1, 1847-1847
  2. Annual Message of the Governor of Ohio Transmitted to both branches of the Forty- Sixth General Assembly. By: William Bebb -1847
  3. The Utica Convention, Voice of New-York!! Proceedings of the Utica Convention, Feb. 16, 1848 with the Speeches of John Van Buren, George Rathbun, &c.-1848
  4. A Discourse Delivered before the faculty, Students, and Alumni of Dartmouth College on the day preceding commencement, July 27, 1853, commemorative of Daniel Webster. By: Rufus Choate -1853
  5. The Nebraska Question. Some thoughts on the New assault upon Freedom in America, and the general state of the country in relation thereunto, set forth in a discourse preached at the music hall, in Boston, on Monday, February 12, 1854. By: Theodore Parker -1854
  6. History of Mason and Dixon's Line. By: John H. B. Latrobe -1855
  7. Ten letters on the subject of slavery: addressed to the delegates from the congregational associations to the last general assembly of the Presbyterian Church. By: N. L. Rice, D. D.-1855
  8. A history of the struggle for slavery extension or restriction in the United States, from the Declaration of Independence to the Present day. By: Horace Greeley -1856
  9. Official Proceedings of the National Democratic Convention held in Cincinnati, June 2-6, 1856. –1856
  10. Life of General Sam Houston -1856
  11. Official Proceedings of the Republican Convention convened in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the twenty-second of February, 1856.- 1856
  12. Proceedings of the National Democratic Convention, Held in Cincinnati, June 2-6, 1856. - 1856
  13. Disunion Document, No. 1. Speech of Honorable Preston S. Brooks. By: John P. Jewett -1856
  14. Kansas State Rights, an appeal to the democracy of the south, by a Southern State-Rights Democrat. -1857
  15. The foreign slave trade the source of political power-of material progress, of social integrity, and of the social emancipation to the south. By: L. W. Spratt. -1858
  16. 2 Copies of: The Irrepressible Conflict. A speech by William H. Seward delivered at Rochester, Monday, Oct 25, 1858. -1858
  17. Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln By: Albert D. Richardson. – 1860's
  18. The Campaign in Illinois.Speech of Senator Trumbull, at Chicago. His private opinion of Douglas publicly expressed. -1858
  19. Narrative of Dimmock Charlton a British subject taken from the brig peacock by the U. S. Sloop hornet and enslaved while a prisoner of war and retained forty-five years in bondage. -1859
  20. The address of the Hon. Abraham Lincoln in vindication of the policy of the framers of the Constitution and the Principles of the Republican Party. -1860
  21. The Corruption and Extravagence of the Black Republican Party. -1860
  22. Tribune Tracts No. 9 Judge Douglas—The Bill of Indictment. Speech by Carl Schurz. -1860
  23. Political Debates between Hon.Abraham Lincoln and Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, in the celebrated campaign of 1858, in Illinois. -1860


Box III: 1860-1863

  1. Proceedings of the Conventions at Charleston and Baltimore. Published by order of the National Democratic Convention. -1860
  2. Proceedings of the National Democratic Convention, convened at Charleston, S C., April 23, 1860. -1860
  3. Speech of Hon. F. P. Blair, Jr., of Missouri at the Cooper Institute, New York City, Wednesday, January 25, 1860. -1860
  4. Speech of Hon. Wade Hampton, on the Constitutionality of the Slave Trade Laws. -1860
  5. State Sovereignty and the doctrine of Coercion, by the Hon.WM. D. Porter together with a letter from Hon. J. K. Paulding, former Sec. of Navy. The Right to Secede. -1860
  6. The Administration and The Confederate States. By: John A. Campbell -1861
  7. Disturbed Condition of the Country.- House of Representatives Report No. 31 -1861
  8. Journal of the Committee of Thirty- Three.- House of Representatives Report No. 31- 1861
  9. Official journal of the Conference Convention, held at Washington City, February, 1861. By: Crafts J. Wright -1861
  10. Secession. Letters of Amos Kendall; also, his Letters to Col. Orr and Prest. Buchanan. – 1861
  11. Speech of Hon.Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee on the State of the Union; delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 5 and 6, 1861. – 1861
  12. Anti-Slavery Tracts. No 16. New Series. Tribute of William Ellery Channing to the American Abolitionists, for their vindication of freedom of speech. By: American Anti-slavery Society – 1861
  13. The Contest in America. By John Stuart Mill -1862
  14. The Habeas Corpus, and Martial Law. By: Robert L. Breck. -1862
  15. Historical notes on the employment of negroes in the American Army of the Revolution. By: George H. Moore -1862
  16. History of the New-England Emigrant Aid Company, with a report on its future operations. -1862
  17. A Southern Confederacy. Letters by James Robb, late a citizen of New Orleans, to an American in Paris, and Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia. -1862
  18. The power of the commander-in-chief to declare martial law, and decree emancipation: as shown from B. R. Curtis. By: Libertas -1862
  19. The Privilege of the writ of Habeas Corpus under the Constitution. By: Horace Binney -1862
  20. War Power outside the Constitution.Mat. H. Carpenter's review of Mr. Ryan's Address. -1862
  21. An address to Christians throughout the world, by a convention of Ministers, assembled at Richmond, VA, April, 1863. -1863
  22. Authentic Speeches of S. P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, during his visit to Ohio, with his speeches at Indianapolis, and at the mass meeting in Baltimore October, 1863. -1863
  23. The Commander-in-Chief; defence upon legal grounds of the Proclamation of Emancipation; and an answer to Ex-Judge Curtis' Pamphlet, entitled "Executive Power." By: Grosvenor P. Lowery -1863
  24. The Conditions of Reconstruction, in a letter from Robert Dale Owen to the Secretary of State. -1863
  25. Fourteen Months in American Bastilles. By: Frank Key Howard -1863
  26. How the South rejected compromise in the Peace Conference of 1861.Speech of Mr. Chase, of Ohio. -1863
  27. Letter to the President of the United States, by a Refugee. By: H. A. P. Barnard -1863


Box IV: 1863-1865

  1. My Diary North and South. By: William Howard Russell. -1863
  2. Prophecy and Fulfillment.Speech of A. H. Stephens, of Georgia, (Vice-President of the so-called Confederate States) in opposition to Secession in 1860. Address of E. W. Gantt, of Arkansas, (Brigadier-General, in the Confederate Army) in favor of Reunion in 1863. -1863
  3. C.L.Vallandigham's Record Abolition and Disunion. -1863
  4. The Slave Power:its Character, Career, and Probable Designs: bring an attempt to explain the real issues involved in the American Contest. By: J. E. Cairnes -1863
  5. Speech of Major General John A.Logan on return to Illinois after capture of Vicksburg. -1863
  6. Speech of Mr. Pugh to 50,000 voters who nominated Vallandigham, and resolved to elect him Governor of Ohio. -1863
  7. True Picture of Abolition. By: Rev. President Lord, D.D., of Dartmouth College -1863
  8. The Truth from an Honest Man.The Letter of the President. -1863
  9. Upon whom rests the guilt of the war? Separation War without end. By: M. Edouard Laboulaye -1863
  10. The War Powers of the President and the Legislative Powers of Congress in relation to Rebellion, Treason and Slavery. By: William Whiting -1863
  11. An Address at the funeral of Brig.Gen. Russell Lowell, who fell at the Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864. By: George Putnam -1864
  12. The Alabama and The Kearsarge. By: Frederick Milnes Edge -1864
  13. The Brutus of America great speech on the War, delivered by H. Speer Van Ness, upon the Advent of the Union Army in Memphis, Tenn. The administration Sustained Democracy is Fallen. -1864
  14. The Coming Presidential Election. By: J. Holmes Agnew -1864
  15. Issues of the Campaign ( Chicago Tribune Doc.#2) -1864
  16. Letter Addressed to Hon. WM. C. Rives, by John H. Gilmer. On the Existing Status of the Revolution, &c. -1864
  17. A Letter to a Whig Member of the Southern Independence Association. By: Goldwin Smith -1864
  18. The Nations Ballot and its Decision: A discourse delivered in Austin-Street Church, Cambridgeport, and in Harvard Church, Charlestown. On Sunday, Nov. 13, 1864; being the Sunday following the Presidential Election. By: George E. Ellis -1864
  19. Remarks of Hon. WM. H. Seward, on the occasion of the Fall of Atlanta, at Auburn, Saturday, Sept. 3, 1864. -1864
  20. Report of J.Thompson, Secret Agent of the Late Confederate Government, Stationed in Canada, for the Purpose of Organizing Insurrection in the Northern States and Burning their Principal Cities. -1864
  21. Speech of Hon. Reverdy Johnson of Maryland in support of the resolution to amend the Constitution so as to abolish slavery. -1864
  22. Speech by Hon.Robert C. Winthrop, at the Great New York Ratification Meeting, September 19, 1864. -1864
  23. Speech of Maj.-Gen. Carl Schurz, of Wisconsin, delivered at Concert Hall, Philadelphia, Friday evening, September 16, 1864. -1864
  24. By Authority, The Statues at Large of the Confederate States of America, passed at the First session of the Second Congress;1864. Edited By: James M. Matthews -1864
  25. West Point Oration. By: Gen. George B. McClellan. -1864
  26. House Doc.No. 227. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. -1865
  27. Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, delivered before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston, June 1, 1865. By: Charles Sumner -1865
  28. The Harrison's Bar Letter of Gen. McClellan. -1865
  29. The New England Historical & Genealogical Register and Antiquarian Journal (Abraham Lincoln Genealogy) -1865


Box V: 1865-1869

  1. Opinion on the Constitutional Power of the Militia to Try and Execute the Assassins of the President. By: Att. Gen. James Speed -1865
  2. Sermon on the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. By: Rev. Newman Hall -1865
  3. Treason and its Treatment remarks of Hon.Joseph Holt at a dinner in Charleston S. C., on the evening of the 14 th of April, 1865 after the flag raising at Fort Sumter. -1865
  4. Trial of the Conspirators for the Assassination of President Lincoln, &c.Argument of John A. Bingham, Special Judge Advocate. -1865
  5. The Recent Revolution; Its causes and its consequences, and the duties and responsibilities which it has imposed on the people and especially the young men, of the south. Address of Alexander H. H. Stuart delivered before the literary societies of the University of Virginia, June 29, 1866. -1866
  6. A memoir of the last year of the War for Independence in the Confederate States of America, containing an account of the operations of his commands in the years 1864 and 1865. By: Lieutenant- General Jubal A. Early -1866
  7. Mr.Buchanan's Administration on the Eve of the Rebellion. -1866
  8. The Proceedings of the National Union Convention held at Philadelphia, August 14, 1866. -1866
  9. The Reporter, Nos. 29 to 32, containing the Proceedings of the National Union Convention, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, August 14, 15, and 16, 1866. -1866
  10. The Tribune Almanac and Political Register – 1867
  11. Official proceedings of the national Democratic Convention, held at New York, July 4-9, 1868. Reported By: George Wakeman. – 1868
  12. Presidential Election, 1868.Proceedings of the National Union Republican Convention, held at Chicago, May 20 and 21, 1868. Reported By: Ely, Burnham & Bartlett, Chicago. – 1868
  13. The Tribune Almanac and Political Register. - 1868


Box VI: 1870-1889

  1. The Independent Movement in New York. By: Junius -1880
  2. What led to the War Secret History of Kansas- Nebraska Bill. By: Col. John A. Parker. -1880
  3. The Advance on Washington in 1864. By: J. A. Early -1881
  4. The Second Battle of Bull Run as connected with the Fritz-John Porter Case. By: Jacob D. Cox -1882
  5. General Nelson, Kentucky, and Lincoln Guns.By: Daniel Stevenson -1883
  6. The Closing Days about Richmond;or, the Last Days of Sheridan's Cavalry. By: General H. E. Tremain -1884
  7. How Wilkes Booth Crossed the Potomac. By: George Alfred Townsend. -1884
  8. An Acquaintance with Grant. By: James B. Fry -1885
  9. Lincoln and Porter. By: Horace Porter -1885
  10. Abraham Lincoln:the Formation of the Cabinet. By: John G. and John Hay Nicolay. -1886
  11. The Biographers of Lincoln. By: Clarence King -1886
  12. President Lincoln and Colonization. -1886
  13. The Life and Services of Major General George H. Thomas. By: Gilbert C. Gifflen -1887
  14. The Lineage of President Abraham Lincoln. By: Samuel Shackford -1887
  15. Magazine of American History. Edited By: Mrs. Martha J. Lamb -1887
  16. Recollections of Secretary Stanton. By: Benjamin -1887
  17. Some Accounts of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. By: A. T. Devereaux -1887
  18. Unpublished letter of Lincoln Regarding his Defeat in 1858. -1887
  19. The Career of the Albermarle, the Albermarle and the Sassecus, The Destruction of the Albermarle. By: Gilbert Elliot, Edgar Holden, and W. B. Cushing. -1888
  20. Memories of Some Contemporaries. By: Hugh McCulloch -1888
  21. An address Delivered by Abraham Lincoln before the Springfield Washington Temperance Society. -1889


Box VII: 1890-1900  

  1. Abraham Lincoln and Edwin M. Stanton address delivered before Burnside Post No. 8. By: Comrade Thomas M. Vincent -1890
  2. A Souvenir of Abraham Lincoln. By: Henry C. Whitney -1891
  3. George William Curtis's A Commerative Address. By: Parke Godwin -1893
  4. Personal Recollections of Mr. Lincoln. By: Marquis de Chambrun -1893
  5. Abraham Lincoln An Oration Delivered Before the Lincoln Union. By: Henry Watterson -1895
  6. Abraham Lincoln A Lecture. By: Robert G. Ingersoll -1895
  7. Lincoln's Boyhood in Kentucky and Indiana. By: Ida M. Tarbell. -1895
  8. The Scotch-Irish in America. By: Samuel Swett Green -1895
  9. McClure's Early Life of Abraham Lincoln. By: Ida M. Tarbell -1896
  10. McClure's Magazine (September) -1896
  11. Turchin's Brigade vs. The Commissioners of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Park. -1896
  12. A Night with Stanton in the War Office. By: John M. Thayer -1897
  13. Program Bryn Mawr College -1897
  14. Some Great Portraits of Lincoln. -1898
  15. The Great Debate Souvenir Book Lincoln/Douglas -1899
  16. Catalogue of the Dante Collection. By: Theodore Wesley Koch Vol. 1 -1900
  17. After the Critical Cyclone-What? By: John H. Edwards -1900


Box VIII: 1901-1907

  1. Charles Sumner and the Treaty of Washington. By: Daniel Chamberlin -1901
  2. The Administration of Governor B.Gratz Brown 1871-1873. -1902
  3. In the Court of History, an apology for Canadians who were opposed to the South African War.By: Goldwin Smith -1902
  4. Abraham Lincoln: An Oration. By: John E. Burton -1903
  5. My Relations with Carlyle. By: James Anthony Froude -1903
  6. Stellar Evolution in the Light of Recent Research. By: Prof. George E. Hale -1903
  7. Unity Feb 12, 1903. -1903
  8. What Shall we do with our Dependencies? By: Moorfield Storey -1903
  9. Abraham Lincoln:Address. By: W. Martin Jones -1904
  10. Conditions in the Philippines, 58th Congress, 2nd Session Document # 170. -1904
  11. The Panama Affair of 1903, Roosevelt-Hay Diplomacy. By: D. H. Chamberlin -1904
  12. To the Independent Voter:An Open Letter. By: Carl Schurz -1904
  13. Exposition Des Oeuvres De James McNeil Whistler. -1905
  14. The Reconstruction Period in Alabama.By: Frederick G. Bromberg -1905
  15. Whitman's Opinion of Lincoln. -1905
  16. Abraham Lincoln:A Lecture. By: Robert G. Ingersoll -1907
  17. The November Century Magazine. November 1907. -1907
  18. Chickamauga:Useless Disastrous Battle. By: Smith D. Atkins -1907
  19. Lee's Centennial An address by Charles Francis Adams delivered at Lexington, VA Sat.Jan 19, 1907. By: Charles Francis Adams -1907
  20. Lincoln's Suspension of Habeas Corpus as viewed by Congress. By: George Clarke Sellery -1907
  21. Reminiscences of a Long Life the Lincoln/Douglas Debate at Quincy Ill. By: Carl Schurz -1907
  22. The Schurz/Lincoln Correspondence. By: Carl Schurz -1907


Box IX: 1908-1909

  1. Abraham Lincoln. By: Grenville M. Dodge -1908
  2. Abraham Lincoln:How he made the most of himself. By: Charles Gordon Ames -1908
  3. Abraham Lincoln, Personal Reminiscences of the Martyred President. By: Dr. William Jayne -1908
  4. Abraham Lincoln on Waterways. By: William A. Meese -1908
  5. A Dinner Given in Honor of Robert Collyer. By: Andrew Carnegie -1908
  6. Douglas, Lincoln and the Nebraska Bill. By: Albert Watkins -1908
  7. Jefferson Davis, The Negros and the Negro Problem. By: Walter L. Fleming -1908
  8. The Last of John Wilkes Booth. By: Otis Skinner -1908
  9. The Lincoln Fellowship. -1908
  10. The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln for the Schools of Illinois. By: F. G. Blair -1908
  11. Semi-Centennial of the Lincoln/Douglas Debates in Illinois. By: F. G. Blair -1908
  12. Abraham Lincoln Exercises Commemorative of the Century of his Birth. -1909
  13. Abraham Lincoln: Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln. By: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Emerson -1909
  14. Abraham Lincoln. By: S. Schechter -1909
  15. Abraham Lincoln an Address. By Moorfield Storey -1909
  16. Abraham Lincoln Memorial Meeting. -1909
  17. Abraham Lincoln, an address delivered before R. E. Lee Camp, No. 1 Confederate Veterans at Richmond, VA. By: Hon. George L. Christian -1909
  18. Abraham Lincoln:The Evolution of his Emancipation Policy. By: Paul Selby -1909
  19. Address of Senator Henry Wayland, At the Memorial Day Exercises in Buffalo, NY. -1909
  20. Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln. -1909
  21. The Gettysburg Address:When Written, How Received, Its True Form. By: William H. Lambert -1909
  22. The Heart of Hope. By: Jasper T. Darling -1909


Box X: 1909-1912

  1. Journal of the State Historical Society. -1909
  2. A Life Portrait of Abraham Lincoln. -1909
  3. The Lincoln Centennial.By: George N. Olcott -1909
  4. The Lincoln Fellowship. -1909-1910
  5. Some Correspondence with Southern Leaders before the Outbreak of the Civil War. -1909
  6. Abraham Lincoln.By: Joseph Newton -1910
  7. American Journal of Archaeology -1910
  8. How Lincoln Won Pennsylvania.By: G. T. Ferris -1910
  9. Proceedings of Massachusetts Historical Society (May-June) -1910
  10. American Education in the Turkish Empire. By: Samuel T. Dutton -1911
  11. Banquet Celebrating the One Hundred & Second Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln by the Lincoln Centennial Association. -1911
  12. The Influence of Virginia in the Formation of the Federal Constitution.By: Roger A. Pryor -1911
  13. The Lincoln Fellowship. -1911
  14. The Lorimer Case: Speech of Hon. Elihu Root of New York. -1911
  15. The United States and Neutralization.By: Cyrus French Wicker -1911
  16. American Statistical Publications-Quarterly Publications -1912
  17. A Chapter of National Dishonor. By: Leander T. Chamberlain -1912


Box XI: 1912-1913

  1. Efficient Govenrment; Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, NY. -1912
  2. Federal Control of Corporations. By: Robert H. Montgomery -1912
  3. Geological History of Crater Lake. By: J. S. Driller -1912
  4. Geological History of the Yellowstone National Park. By: Arnold Hague -1912
  5. Geysers. By: Walter Harvey Weed -1912
  6. How the Bible was invented. By: M. M. Mangasarian -1912
  7. Lincoln Centennial Association Addresses. -1912
  8. Power of Congress over Interstate Commerce. By: Thomas Carl Spelling -1912
  9. Seward and the Declaration of Paris. By: Charles Francis Adams -1912
  10. Sketch of Yosemite National Park and an Account of the origin of Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy Valleys. By: F. E. Matthes -1912
  11. Some Lakes of Glacier National Park. By: Morton J. Elrod -1912
  12. The Supreme Issue of 1912. By: Nicholas M. Butler -1912
  13. Who Shall Control Our Financial Destiny? By: John Harsen Rhoades -1912
  14. The American Museum Journal. November -1913
  15. The Art Institute of Chicago-Summer School. -1913
  16. Autumn Publications-Houghton Mifflin Company. -1913
  17. The Democratic Party and Philippine Independence. By: Moorfield Storey -1913
  18. Fundamental Weakness of the Glass-Owen Bill. By: Joseph French Johnson -1913
  19. The Hay-Pauncefote Treaty and the Panama Canal. By: Samuel L. Parrish -1913
  20. Naval Waste. By: David Starr Jordan -1913
  21. The Note-Issue Provisions of the Owen-Glass Bill. By: Joseph French Johnson -1913
  22. The Panama Canal Controversy between Great Britain and the United States. By: John Foster Dulles -1913


Box XII: 1913-1918

  1. Reminiscences of Seventy-Five Years. By: William Endicott -1913
  2. Report of the 15th Annual Meeting of the Anti-Imperialist League. -1913
  3. The Sixty-Seven Reasons of the Navy League an Analysis Set Forth in Behalf of Naval Extension. By: Edward Benjamin Krehbiel -1913
  4. Some Facts and Figures Relating to the Money Trust Inquiry. By: A. Piatt Andrew -1913
  5. The Spirit of Self-Government. By: Elihu Root -1913
  6. The Survey February 1, 1913. -1913
  7. The Time to Test Our Faith in Arbitration By: William H. Taft & Should Panama Canal Tolls Controversy be Arbitrated By: Amos Hershey -1913
  8. Tis Sixty Years Since. By: Charles Francis Adams -1913
  9. The Art Institute of Chicago-Circular of Instruction. -1913-1914
  10. The Crisis of Foreign Intervention in the War of Secession. By: Charles Francis Adams -1914
  11. Hamlet and Orestes:A Study of Traditional Types. By: Gilbert Murray -1914
  12. The Panama Canal and Acts of Congress Relating to the Isthmian Canal -1914
  13. Proceedings of the Worcester Society of Antiquity. -1914
  14. The Reconstruction Period in Alabama- 2nd paper. By: Fredrick G. Bromberg -1914
  15. Chicago's First Great Lawsuit. By: Eugene E. Prussing -1915
  16. The Economics Journal -March 1915
  17. National Geographic - August 1915
  18. Murder at Sea. By: Archibald Hurd -1915
  19. Words Without Deeds: Moral Treason. By: Elihu Root -1916
  20. National Geographic. - February 1917
  21. The American Museum Journal. - January 1918


Box XIII: 1919-1960

  1. Natural History. –February 1919
  2. Natural History. –March 1919
  3. Studies of Magnitudes in Star Clusters XI Frequency Curves of the Absolute Magnitude and Color Index for 1152 Giant Stars. By: Harlow Shapley -1920
  4. Woodrow Wilson:His Human Side. By: George Barton -1925
  5. National Geographic. –February 1960