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Henry M. Lilly

Fond du Lac Wis.
June 3d 1869

Rev. A. L. Chapin
          Dear Sir
     In reply to a circular sent to me sometime ago, I beg leave to make the following correction in your list of soldiers
     My military rank and title when I left the U.S. service in 1867 was that of "Ass't Surgeon & Brevet Major U.S. Vols." I see, in the list, you have put me down "Surgeon F.B." a title which at first I could not comprehend, but it finally dawned upon my mind that "F.B." stood for "Freedmen's Bureau." I was detailed (as were many other army officers) for duty in that Bureau during the latter part of 1865, the whole of 1866 and a part of 1867, but I did not thereby either lose or change my position and rank in the army.
     you hold a note for tuition against me. I left college in debt and have been so unfortunate never to be free from debt since.
     I wish you would figure up the amount due (say to the 14th of June) and let me know. I will pay what I can now even if it is but little and will send you a new note for the unpaid balance, -- the old note to be returned to me upon reception of the new note payable in one year and will try hard to meet it.
                                Very Reespectfully
                                    your ob'd't serv't
                                          Henry M. Lilly