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George O. Felt

Geo. O. Felt

We are informed by some of the best citizens of Hancock Co. Ill, that George Felt, who was recently killed near [Palmym?], was a young man of uncommon worth and excellent promise. He was universally beloved for his good and manly traits, as was amply testified by the attendance of four thousand people at his funeral on Monday last. He was the only son of his parents, and in his death they have offered up a sacrifice on their country's altar beyond all price. Yet his untimely loss at the hands of assassins, while lamented with deep and unfeigned sorrow by his parents and all his acquaintances, seems also to intensify their devotion to a cause which they all feel is worthy of any sacrifice. If "it is sweet to die for ones country," we may be assured that one with so fine, noble and manly a character as young Felt, has already reaped a reward which infinitely out weighs all temporal distinctions and properties.
     We take pleasure in transfering [sic] to our columns, the following noble and touching letter from Genl _____ to the father of young Felt.
     Head Quarters, Hudson, Mo. Aug. 17. '61.
Cyrus Felt Esq. Dear Sir. It is my duty to return to you the body of your gallant son, -- the first man killed by the enemy [swine] the regiment came under my command. He fell as a brave man and a good soldier in the bold discharge of his duty: unfortunately not by an open enemy in fair battle, but by cowardly assassins, who presume on the night and the ambush.
     Let me assure you that his reputation as a good soldier and a good man is held in ____ remembrance by his company and his regiment.
     I hope soon to take thorough steps to punish the perpetrators of this outrage, and will then give the comrades of your son the opportunity to show their regard for his memory.
     I send you his body under escort, and tey [sic] to assure you of my sympathy at the loss which your family have sustained.
                Very truly,
                          Yours. S. A. ______
                                   Brig. Gen. U.S.A.