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Faculty and Alumni Files

Faculty and Alumni Files

1. Henry Whitney Scrapbook #1

- Various pictures, handbills, notices, general orders, money (issued by towns, states, and banks), newspaper clippings, discharge papers, maps, loan papers from both the Confederate and US governments, and other materials picked up on battlefields. It includes a handwritten history of the 52nd Massachusetts prepared for the Adjutant General of the State of Massachusetts but "failed to appear" (presumably in printed form).

2. Arthur H. Smith (1867) Diary

- Arthur H. Smith was a member of the class of 1867 who enlisted for 100 days service in the summer of 1864 (as did many Beloit men) and served from May 16 to September 21, 1864 in Company B, 10th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers.

3. D. D. Hill Correspondence from 1864-65, found in the Joseph Emerson papers

4. Thomas A. McClelland Diary

- McClelland was a student at the College from 1859-63, leaving to attend Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He enrolled in the Union army in December 1864. He served in Company A 57th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, 4th Division 15th Army Corps, commanded by General Logan. He was also part of Sherman's Army through part of Georgia.

5. Letters from the Chapin and Emerson files from:

      E. R. Barber
      William J. Evans
      Stanley E. Lathrop
      George W. Tallmon
      Horace E. Warner

6. Diary of a Soldier: Horace Reynolds Hobart 1st Wisconsin Cavalry

Horace Reynolds Hobart was a graduate from the College in 1860 and enlisted in the Union Army in 1861. His diary covers the campaign in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas March to August 1862. (Can be found in his alumni file).