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Beloit College Civil War Holdings Box I

Civil War Box I

Folder: Background: Slavery, politics pre 1861

- Beloit College Monthly, June, 1854, p. 52; “ Kansas Nebraska Bill: A Word About Politics”
- Beloit College Monthly, June, 1856; “Editor’s Sanctum: Kansas, The Crisis”
- Beloit College Annual, October, 1856, p. 9ff; “Is Our Government a Democracy?”
- Beloit College Monthly, October, 1856, p. 20; printed at foot of page “We know of but one regular out and out Buchanan man in our college.”
- Beloit College Monthly, April 1857, pp. 121ff; editorial on “Calhoun and His Policy.”


Round Table, February 10, 1911, pp. 171-73; by Wm Fiske Brown, 1866; “In Lincoln’s Time: Our College Loyalty to Union and Freedom”

Folder: Beloit Cadet Rifles

- Beloit Journal & Courier, April 25, 1861: Roster of members of Beloit Cadet Rifles, hand copied with some (often cryptic) notations concerning individual members.

Folder: Beloit College in the Civil War – The Knapsack 1929

- The Knapsack, June 1929; “ Beloit College in the Civil War” by Clifford Louis Day
- The Knapsack, June 1929; photo taken in May, 1928, of members of the L. H. D. Crane Post No. 54, Beloit WI

Folder: Beloit College in the War

- Beloit College, July 20, 1866; monograph by A. L. Chapin outlining the service of Beloit’s students and faculty in the War, and announcing the fund drive to build Memorial Hall (now the Logan Museum).

Folder: Letters by D. D. Hill, 1866 and S. E. Lathrop, 1867 to Professor Emerson – transcriptions available on the Beloit College Archives web site at

- From D. D. Hill ( Camp Smith, near Nashville, Tenn.) to Prof. Emerson, Jan. 21, 1864
- From D. D. Hill ( Cleveland Tenn.) to Prof. Emerson, March 30, 1864
- From D. D. Hill (Camp, 1st Wis. Cav. near Cartersville Georgia) to Prof. Emerson, Sept. 9, 1864
- From D. D. Hill (Office Field Medical Purveyor Dept. Cumb d , Chattanooga, Tenn.) to Prof. Emerson, Nov. 21, 1864
- From D. D. Hill (Dept. Cumber. Field Medical Purveyor’s Office, Chattanooga, Tenn) to Prof. Emerson, Feb. 14, 1865
- From D. D. Hill ( Nashville, Tenn.) to Prof. Emerson, March 20, 1865
- From D. D. Hill (Med. Dir. Office, Nashville, Tenn.) to Prof. Emerson, April 27, 1865
- From D. D. Hill (Headquarters Military Division of the Tennessee, Medical Directors Office, Nashville, Tenn.) to Prof. Emerson, July 1, 1865
- From S. E. Lathrop (Headquarters, Military Division of the Tenn., Medical Director’s Office, Nashville, Tenn.) July 1, 1865
- From D. D. Hill ( Wauwatosa, WI) to Prof. Emerson, August 1, 1865
- From D. D. Hill ( Wauwatosa, WI) to Prof. Emerson, August 21, 1865

Folder: Beloit College in the Civil War, Irrmann 1965

- Wisconsin Academy Review, Winter, 1965. Article: “ Beloit College in the Civil War” by Robert H. Irrmann. Folder includes copy of the Review article, two typewritten copies of same.

Folder: Beloit College in the Civil War: Irving Maurer

- Address to Beloit College Vespers on May 30, 1926 by President Irving Maurer. Includes an obituary record of those who served.

Folder: Excerpts from Beloit Journal, 1861

- Handwritten transcriptions from Beloit Journal
May 9, 1861, letter from “A Volunteer”
- May 23, 1861, letter to the editor from S. H. Slaymaker
- May 23, 1861, letter to the editor
- May 23, 1861, “Return of the Beloit Rifles”

Folder: Letters from Soldiers/Students

- From G. W. Tallmon to (?), August 20, 1862.
- From E. R. Barber to Prof. Emerson, Dec. 15, 1862.
- From Horace E. Warner, to Prof. Emerson, March 19, 1864.
- From Wm. J. Evans to President Chapin, June 8, 1865

Folder: General Index to Lathrop-Emerson-Chapin Civil War records

- Handwritten index list to this collection

Folder: Letter by Henry Cooper, class of 1859

- Transcription of letter from Henry Cooper at Camp California, near Alexandria, Virginia, January 15, 1862, to his sister (Flora Cooper Johnson) who lived near Whitewater Wisconsin at the time of the letter. Henry Cooper died at Antietam.

Folder: Letters from Kimball & Burton to Chapin re Memorial Hall

- From C. C. Kimball, Erie Pennsylvania, April 16, 1869 to Pres. Chapin
- From Henry Burton, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England, June 16, 1869 to Pres. Chapin

Folder: Lists and Summaries – lists concerning Beloit College students serving in the Civil War

- Summary of War Record – Commissioned officers by rank and by state
- Died of Wounds, died of disease – by date
- Number of students in state regiments/batteries
- Beloit College represented by (ranks)
- Letter from Chapin to W. D. Avery asking for information concerning whereabouts of specific students, and Avery’s response to Chapin (April 5, and April 10, 1869)
- Letter to Prof. Emerson, April 2, 1869 from A. O. Wright, concerning corrections to the “Roll of Honor” for Memorial Hall, including list of corrections
- List of students with class year, no indication of purpose
- List of students with units in which they served
- List headed “1865” with months and locations
- List of names
- List of students and units, with dates wounded and died
- List headed “1863” – chronological, appears to show units with Beloit men involved in various battles
- List by state showing units and Beloit men who served in them
- List of Beloit men including class year, unit, rank, and home town including some information as to status (wounded, died), followed by a list without class year
- List of Wisconsin units by branch of service (Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery) and men who served in them
- List of the 1 st Wisconsin, and 4 th and 8 th Illinois by units with names of men who served, their rank and status
- List of names by class year with notation that appears to indicate unit

Folder: Memorial Hall (See also Buildings/Memorial Hall)

- Memorial Day Civil War Soldiers Recognition, May 30, 2005 – obverse has list of Beloit College and Beloit city residents who died in the Civil War
- Beloit College Memorial Hall – fundraising material dated March 16, 1869, listing those who served in the Civil War, with hand written corrections on all three copies.
- Typewritten draft of the above solicitation letter and list