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Horace E. Warner

Nashville Tenn. March 19th 1864.

Professor Emerson:
          Dear Sir:
                     I have been urged of late by several friends to make application for a Commission in some one of the new regiments which will probably be raised in Wis. I have been very well satisfied hitherto, to serve me country in the ranks, nor am I now very anxious for a Commission. Nevertheless, as there must also be officers as well as soldiers, I shall not doubt but that I can serve my country as well with a sword as a musket. My qualifications are perhaps as good as those of most officers who will be appointed. A recommendation from the Faculty of Beloit College would be of very great service to me.
     I know that the Faculty of the College always watch with an affectionate interest, the welfare of all the "soldier boys" who have gone out from their tuition to the "war." Therefore it is that I presume upon your kindness to furnish me with this recommendation. I send this to you rather than to Pres. Chapin as I do not know whether he is at home or not. Should the recommendation be given, please direct it to Capt. [Lage] Burgess, Janesville, Wis - my old Capt., recently resigned, -- who will attend to the business for me.
     I saw Hill Lathrop and Sheppard not long since. Hill had been sick but was recovered. The others were well and all seemed to enjoy soldiering very well.
     My own health has been good during the fall and winter.
     With sentiments of the Highest Regard,
                I am very Truly Yours,
                          Horace E. Warner.