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George W. Tallmon

Camp Kirkwood
Clinton Aug. 29, /62

Reverend & dear Sir, [Aaron Chapin]
          In these times, when the freemen & patriots of the great loyal north are rushing with a common impulse to their countri'es [sic] standard to rescue our God-given & inestimable blessings of civil & religious liberty from the imperous [sic] efforts of an alienated & discomfited faction, who would overthrow them, tho, themselves perish in the common ruin, you will not be surprised to hear that I have also left the duties & gladsome associations of civil life and given myself a willing sacrifice for my countri'es good. I have seen my neighbors and friends in numbers go before me, & from my heart bade them Godspeed, but could not feel it my own duty to leave a prosperous career of teaching & a large sphere of usefulness to embark in such an enterprise, while there remains so many who make themselves of little use or a positive injury to society, who, as I thought could do its duties much better than myself. But the time has come, when every lover of his country & humanity should come to freedoms rescue; when we can no longer trust our blessed inheritance to the defence [sic] of street loafers or wandering vagabonds, (not that I could say that all the soldiers before ware [sic] such); when every thing less must be sacrificed for the salvation of the whole, & every just means used for the security and accomplishment of permanent success. Hence am I among the earnest & active defenders of our beloved institutions. I know the dangers & trials, temptations & privations of a soldiers life; & I ask the prayers of my christian [friends] every where. Pary [sic] for me!
     I am in the 20 regiment of Iowa Volunteers, Company E, Captain Bavrey. We will be a [sic] St. Lewis soon. Please remember me to all my friends, & if convenient hand this letter round among them.
     With much gratitude to you for past kindness, and deep respect for you character & well wishes for your welfare, I subscribe myself your truly,
                Geo. W. Tallmon.