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The Civil War at Beloit

Finder's Guides for Civil War Holdings
An inventory of the following Civil War materials:
        Civil War Holdings By Box:

Beloit College Students Who Served

Preparatory Students Who Served

Reminiscences & Obituaries
Personal sketches, autobiographies, and memorials of the War by or about Beloit students.
        Thomas D. Christie (class of 1871)
        Stephen A. Cobb (class of 1859)
        Dudley H. Cowles
        Eugene B. Dyke (class of 1865)
        John M. Estes
        George O. Felt
        Henry M. Lilly (class of 1853)
        Frederick A. Lord (class of 1856)
        Lewis O. Thompson (class of 1863)

General and concentrated histories on Beloit's contributions to the Civil War.
        Beloit College in the Civil War, by Robert Irrmann (class of 1939)
        Beloit College in the War, by Aaron L. Chapin
        In Lincoln's Time, by William Fiske Brown (class of 1867), Round Table, 1911
        The One Hundred Days Men of 1864, by William Fiske Brown, History of Rock County, 1908

Soldiers' Letters
Correspondence by Beloit students and alumni during the Civil War.
        E. R. Barber (class of 1865)
        William J. Evans class of 1869)
        Dexter D. Hill (class of 1866)
        Stanley E. Lathrop (class of 1867)
        George W. Tallmon (class of 1864)
        Horace E. Warner (class of 1867)

The Diary of Thomas S. McClelland (class of 1864)
A student-transcribed and -annotated excerpt from T. S. McClelland's journal, covering January 1860 to July 1862.

The Diary of Arthur H. Smith (class of 1867) "Ye Army Book By a Soldier"
Transcribed by Emeritus Professor Nelson Van Valen Beloit College History. Smith's diary covers May 16th to Sept. 21st 1864 during his time in Co. B of the 40th infantry Wisconsin volunteers.

"Sons of Beloit"
A listing of Beloit students who died during the Civil War. It includes their hometown, date of Beloit entry, length of stay, military service, and place of death.

Scans of handbills circulated in Beloit advertising lectures and appealing for aid.

Horace White Collection Inventory
The Horace White Collection consists of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War period in American history. This inventory includes pamphlet listings by date.