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Walter Van Dyke Bingham

Excerpt from: The New York Times (Wednesday, July 9, 1952)

     Washington, July 8 -- Dr. Walter Van Dyke Bingham, a pioneer in American psychology, died at his residence here today after a long illness. He was 72 years old.

     Dr. Bingham was the author of a dozen books on personnel and employment psychology, in which field he was recognized as one of the world's leading authorities. During World War II, he was chief psychologist on the Adjutant General's staff of the army.

     Born in Swan Lake City, Iowa, he was in 1901 graduated from Beloit College. Dr. Bingham received a Master's degree in 1907 from Harvard, and a doctorate from Harvard, and a doctorate from the University of Chicago the next year.

     Until 1924, he had taught psychology at several colleges and universities, including the University of Chicago, Teachers' College of Columbia University, Dartmouth College and Carnegie Institute of Technology.

     He then moved into the field of industrial psychology, in which he remained active until World War II. Having served the army as a psychologist in the First World War, Dr. Bingham was recalled by the War Department when World War II broke out to serve on the Army's National Research Council on Classification of Military Personnel. At the same time he served the Adjutant General's office as chief psychologist.

     For his war service, Dr. Bingham received the Secretary of War's emblem for exceptional civilian service.

     From 1946 to 1948, he was chairman of the Council of Advisers to the Director of Personnel and Administration of the Army's General Staff. Since 1949, he had served the Secretary of Defense as a consultant on personnel policies.

     Dr. Bingham was past president of the American Association of Applied Psychology and past secretary of the American Psychological Association.

     He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Millicent Todd Bingham, a noted authority on the poetry of Emily Dickinson, and a brother, Louis L. Bingham of Los Angeles.


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