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Thomas C. Chamberlin

Excerpt from: The Bulletin of Beloit College (January 1966)

     Nineteen sixty-six is the centennial year of the graduation of one of Beloit's most eminent alumni -- Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin -- and the event will be memorialized on the campus the last weekend of February. Thomas Chamberlin taught at Beloit College, was called to the presidency of the University of Wisconsin, went from there to found and head the Department of Geology at the new University of Chicago, and was co-founder of a theory of the earth's origin which was universally accepted for many years. He is considered by many to be the most distinguished person ever to graduate from Beloit College.


Extensive archives holdings for T.C. Chamberlin and Rollin T. Chamberlin (his son), including:

  • Biographical data
  • Personal and family photographs
  • Photographs, negatives, lantern slides of expeditions
  • Field notebooks
  • Geological maps
  • Extensive holdings on the 1909 China Expedition, including photographs and diaries
  • Manuscripts & notes
  • Publications (articles, books, pamphlets)
  • Research Materials
  • Class notes