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Stephen D. Peet

Excerpt from: Daily Republican (1914)
Reverend Stephen D. Peet Dead
Well known Clergyman, Author and Antiquarian Passed Away.

     Rev. Dr. Stephen Denison Peet, 83, clergyman, author and editor, died in Northhampton Sunday. His father, Rev. Stephen Peet, was a pioneer missionary to the middle West, and was instrumental in establishing Beloit College, Chicago Theological Seminary and many churches in Wisconsin. His mother was Martha Denison of Stonington, Ct., and through her he traced his ancestery to Rev. James Noyes, a founder of Yale, Gov. William Codington of Rhode Island, Anne Hutchinson, George Denison, colonel of Cromwell's army and a famous Indian fighter, and to John Howland and Elizabeth Tiley of the Mayflower.

     Rev. Dr. Peet was born in Euclid, O., but his boyhood and youth were spent in Wisconsin, then a frontier territory. In accompanying his father on missionary tours he had his interests aroused in Indian life and the relics of the mound builders, an interest which remained with him throughout his long life. He graduated from Beloit College in 1851, a member of its first class. He studied theology at Yale and Andover seminaries, and returned to the West, where for 40 years he had pastorates in various Congregational and Presbyterian churches in Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois. He was twice married, his first wife being Katherine Moseley, his second, Olive Walworth Cutler, who survives him.

     Dr. Peet's interest in archeology led him in 1878 to found the American Antiquarian, the first journal of its kind, and he continued as its editor and publisher for 32 years. Among his associates in this journal were Dr. Daniel G. Brinton of Philadelphia, J. Walter Fowkes of Washington, Dr. Charles S.H. Davis of Meriden and Prof A.H. Sayce of Oxford, Eng. Dr. Peet was the author of a series of volumes upon the mound builders, Indian relics, cliff dwellers and kindred topics, and of many pamphlets and articles. He was a member of the American Antiquarian Society, the New England Historical and Geneological Society, the Numismatic Society of New York, the Davenport Academy of Sciences, the Society of Biblical Archeology and the Philosophical Society of Great Britain.

     Dr. Peet's later years were spent with his sons and daughters in Chicago and in Salem. Eight children survived him, Stephen T. Peet of Los Angeles, Frank D. Peet of Iowa Falls, Charles E. Peet of Lewis Institue, Chicago, Fredrick W. Peet of Prarie City, Or., Mrs. H.D. Sleeper of Northhampton, Miss Harriet and Miss Gertrude Peet of Salem, with whom Mrs. Peet is living, and Mrs. Selmen F. Smyser of North Yakima, Wash. Two daughters, Caroline and Miriam, Mrs. Milton T. Davies, have died. Nine grandchildren are living.

     A service was held at the chapel of the First Church, Northampton, yesterday afternoon. Dr. Henry T. Rose, a Beloit graduate, and Rev. George Parker of Somerville officiated. Miss Esith Bennett of Smith College sang, Rev. Irving Maurer, a Beloit graduate, Prof R.E.S. Olmsted, Prof. George C. Vleh and Prof. H.D. Sleeper, all of Smith College, were bearers. A service will later be held in Beloit, Wis., where the body will rest near the grave of his father.


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