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Arthur Henderson Smith -- Box List

Student Symposium

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File: Contents:
Box I - A. H. Smith and the American Mission in China Article by Theodore D. Pappas (Beloit, 1983), published in the Wisconsin Magazine of History, Spring 1987.
Box I - Beloit College Days Two typed and annotated transcripts, and the manuscript version of Smith's valedictory address dated July 10, 1867. Also the class records of the class of 1867, by A. H. Smith (May - July, 1867).
Box I - 60th Reunion Copy of The Beloit Alumnus, dated December 1927, containing an article about A. H. Smith and Henry Dwight Porter; manuscript of the same article; clipping from The Congregationalist, dated July 1927 concerning the 60th reunion; article about the reunion (unknown source); article from Wisconsin State Journal about the reunion. Only five men survived until their 60th reunion, and all five attended.
Box I - The Best Method of Presenting the Gospel to the Chinese Monograph by A. H. Smith, printed in Shanghai by the American Presbyterian Mission Press, 1883. Also "Sketches of a Country Parish" by Rev. Smith.
Box I - Biographies Various biographical items, including some in manuscript. Includes a eulogy written by R. C. Brooks in 1932.
Box I - Biography of Henry D. Porter Written by A. H. Smith
Box I - Autographs Transcription of Smith's autograph book -- various famous Americans of the 19th century.
Box I - Book on China (1) Book on China, pp. 1-57, written by A. H. Smith, undated
Box I - Book on China (2) Pages 58-84 of the above book.
Box I - Latin Textbook Latin textbook used by Smith as a Beloit College student.
Box I - Book Given to Wife Summer Rest, by Gail Hamilton, given to his wife by A. H. Smith.
Box I - Boxer Indemnity Paper discussing A. H. Smith's role in persuading President Theodore Roosevelt to return a significant portion of the Chinese indemnity paid after the Boxer Rebellion in the form of scholarship monies to send Chinese students to the U.S. for college. By Silas Bent; two typewritten copies.
Box I - Boxer Indemnity Article in the Beloit Alumnus, 1924, by Cornelius H. Patton, about Smith and the Boxer Indemnity. Typewritten version of the same article. Two copies of the Patton article from The Missionary Herald. Original copy of The Missionary Herald with the Patton article.
Box II - Civil War Diary Smith's handwritten Civil War Diary, kept from May 16, 1864 to September 21, 1864, when his College class served in the Union Army.
Box II - Civil War Diary Two typewritten (and annotated) transcripts of the diary, along with correspondence documenting the donation of the diary to Beloit College. Prof. Nelson VanValen was instrumental in obtaining the donation of the diary, and he did the transcription, with a cover letter.
Box II - Civil War Diary Original of VanValen's transcription, with a cover letter.
Box II - Press Review Review of Chinese Characteristics, a book by A. H. Smith, published in 1894.
Box II - Helpful Books on China Article by L. Newton Hayes, "The Most Helpful Books on China," from The Chinese Recorder, May 1925.
Box II - The Uplift of China Book by A. H. Smith, in Chinese. Edition given by Dr. Francis C. Tucker, who grew up in China with well-known Beloit alums including Arthur Smith and Henry and Elizabeth (Chapin) Porter.
Box II - The Foreign Student in the U.S. Article by Professor Forrest Moore, University of Minnesota, and correspondence from James B. Gage (alumni secretary of Beloit College), concerning the article. 1964.
Box II - Class letters Class letters, of the class of 1867, from 1873, 1876, 1914, 1921, 1922, and 1926. All written by A. H. Smith.
Box II - Letters by Smith One copy of a letter from Smith concerning attendance at a Founder's Day observance (he will not attend); one postcard from Smith to James.
Box II - Letters about Smith Copy of a letter from John R. Goodrich to A. L. Chapin, in 1882, concerning Smith.
Box II - Letter to Mrs. R. C. Chapin Written by A. H. Smith in 1927, concerning the reunion of the class of 1867.
Box II - Letters to Dr. Eaton Written to Pres. Eaton after the death of Smith's son, Henry, by drowning, in the U.S. in 1906, while Mr. and Mrs. Smith were in China. Transcription of the letter (2 copies) and a letter to Eaton in 1909 about a memorial stone for Henry.
Box II - Letters to F. T. Gates Concerning the Chinese Indemnity, and other funds from John D. Rockefeller, to be used in China.
Box II - Letters to Stanley Lathrop Letters from 1920-1926. All originals, including some envelopes.
Box II - Letters to Pres. Maurer Copy of a letter to Pres. Maurer, written in 1932.
Box II - Misc. Letters Letter from Emma Smith to friends following the death of their son, Henry (see above), 1907. Letter from Emma Smith dated 1921. Letter from Emma Smith about their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
Box II - Letters of Elizabeth Chapin Porter to A. L. Chapin Transcribed letters from Pres. Chapin's daughter to Chapin, to her step-mother, to both parents, from Henry (husband) to his father-in-law, from Bessie and Henry to A. L. Chapin, from Henry to Bessie, a newspaper clipping (dated) and unidentified newspaper clippings.
Box II - Letters about Henry D. Smith Monograph written by A. H. Smith and Emma Smith after Henry's death. Includes a letter to their friends, and excerpts of letters of condolence received upon Henry's death.
Box II - Misc. Variety of articles about China, flyers on Smith's appearances in the U.S.
Box II - Mystery Document Written by an A. H. Smith, dated 1852. It was sent to a Rev. A. H. Smith in China in 1904 (by the postmark on the envelope). It is a composition about the European countries.
Box II - News clippings Copies of various news clippings concerning A. H. Smith.
Box II - Articles Various newspaper and periodical articles by Smith, about China.
Box II - Obituaries Obituaries for Arthur H. Smith.
Box II - Obituaries Obituaries for Mrs. Smith (Emma Dickinson), 1926.
Box II - Other Missionaries Information concerning letters from Elizabeth Chapin Porter to A. L. Chapin, and other family letters written between 1872 and 1901. The letters apparently were given to Elizabeth Porter Kirkpatrick by Dr. Robert Irrmann. Their present location is unknown -- the Archives holds a summary.
Box II - Early Life of A. H. Smith Typewritten copy of Smith's early life autobiography.
Box II - Early Life of A. H. Smith Original on onionskin paper, copy.
Box II - Photographs Pictures of A. H. Smith.
Box II - Publications Various publications by Marie Jessica Smith and Emma D. Smith
Box II - Requests for Information

Requests for information about A. H. Smith, and responses to same.


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